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Chapter 4 (v.1) - You look like my dad

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



How is it like to be lonely in tears…

Not for a day, not for a week, not for months…. But years….

For years he knew nothing but a palace full of books…

And some machines which basically served as cooks…

Many times he tried to escape from the lonely palace in vain…

The palace was made of solid materials with infinite strain…!


He got soothing emails from mother…

To take easy the dictatorial father…

He knew, one day he could escape the lonely palace

And see the sun and people zealous

“Hello DX” his dad said as he sat near his study table. DX had perhaps the most luxurious study oriented environment in the palace of books, sächlich as his dad K2 likes to call it.

DX was in no mood to answer. A huge book on Euclidean geometry in General Relativity was open on DX’s desk. DX was identifying fundamental mistakes in the General Relativity theory.

“I said Hello” said professor K2 in a kind tone touching DX’s shoulders

“Hello dad” DX said with a faked smile.

“What is the matter?” he asked gravely “You seem serious”

“I want to come out of this palace” DX said touching his head as though he had a headache.

“No DX. No! Once you come out, you will always want to come back to this palace again. The books that you read do not depict the world exactly. People fight outside. It is a mad rat race outside. I sometimes wish that I too could settle in a palace like this forever”

“I feel so lonely in this palace. Sometimes it has been months since you came to see me. And the last I saw of Tormod was years ago”

K2 felt a little humiliated. How did DX start feeling lonely? He has been lonely since he was born, except for his best friend Tormod, with whom he shared interest in Tennis and Astronomy. Moreover he was supposed to be a robot. It means no emotions. But DX started showing certain emotions.

“I think I can learn a lot by seeing and living with outside world” DX said “I can be famous”

“The outside world won’t let you live. There are over a thousand anti-DX groups formed. They feel that there should be no superior being to humans” K2 said sternly

DX remembered personally seeing 10 anti-DX groups in Facebook. Some had atleast 7000 actives members in it. Shamefully he also joined in the community, just out of curiosity. But then he believed he was human and he too hated the idea of someone superior to humans created by humans themselves.  But why was he superior? He looked quite normal

“Why am I superior?” he asked demandingly to K2

“You learn things very fast. Like for instance, you mastered quantum theory of physics at seven. People even in the age of 30 don’t understand that theory”

DX had an eye brow raised.

“I took some of the papers that you worked on and showed them to professors of various fields. They said these papers were a breakthrough. They asked me if I did it. I told them proudly that my son did it.”

DX had a smile. He knew the work he did was admirable.

“DX, you form a leader of a superior race rising slowly amidst humans. The AI race”

“Who else is in this race?” DX asked enthusiastically

“Not many. Deep Blue, Maxis but they are far less intelligent than you are. But you can improve the number. You are the first bionic AI to have reproductive organs”

“Do you mean that if I have children, they will be equally powerful as me?”

“Yes. DX chromosome only replicates the male components. So your wife will play no role in the features of your child”

The word “wife” sent a shudder to DX. He was worried if K2 decided who was to marry him

“Its not just intelligence that you excel DX” K2 continued “You are courageous, calm and immortal. Moreover, your skin is fabricated with strong material. No bullet can harm you”

DX nodded.

“DX” K2 said holding his hands “As much as I want you to get out of this palace of books, it is too early. Please understand me it a dangerous world outside. When time comes, you shall enter the world”

DX caught his dad’s hands.

“I accept dad” he said with a true smile

K2 smiled. He opened his bag and gave DX a small container.

“What is this?” DX asked holding it.

“Mother gave you sweets. Savor them and study” K2 said as he got up

“Say thanks to her”

“I will” K2 said “By the way, how do I look in this cream shirt”

“You look like my dad” DX replied

K2 smiled.


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