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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Cold War II – The Rescue Front

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



The Oval Office

The White House, Washington DC

William Turner called the security below the oval office.

“DX, the international terrorist will arrive shortly here on a black copter” he said “Let him meet me and do not, I repeat do not inform anybody else”

This message was transmitted to all guards. Turner was looking at phoenix drawn at the center of his oval office. He always dreamt of a day when phoenix, symbol of ignorance would be replaced by eagle, symbol of freedom. He heard a faint knock at the door.

“Come in” he instructed.

DX entered in. He looked much disheveled and troubled.

“DX… anything terribly wrong?” he asked requesting him to take his seat. Turner sat on the table.

“Mr. Turner” he said “This looks like a game of chess. Our opponent has scored a lot better than us in the Grand Cathedral”

“I am aware of that” Turner replied

“From the looks of you” DX said “I guessed you did not belong to this nasty pyramid at least in your thoughts. It’s only after Helen confirmed my thoughts that I decided to visit you”

“I am forced into this” Turner accepted “I was just another student at Yale university with good oratory skills. And boom… they put me on the path to become a president”

“Who are “they””?

Turner shrugged and replied… “Your dad’s team… the CFR”

“There can only be one solution to this” DX said “A third world war”

“What? Are you crazy?” Turner asked becoming frightened.

“No Mr. Turner” DX replied “Think about it. Massive scale troops are being organized at Giza like the SS was organized during Nazi periods. Now, we need to attack them before these troops are transported world wide. Already due to delay, everybody has got a non-detachable microchip… I don’t want another disaster”

Turner thought for a while and replied

“I don’t know what to say…”

“I didn’t come her for that” DX said in a diplomatic tone “I need some support from you… perhaps the most influential person in media”

“What kind of support?” Turner asked

“The United States Military technology” DX asked

“I am not an authority for this” Turner said “I need to consult the CIA who would obviously refuse. Already our conversation is being recorded by some hidden camera I believe”

DX wanted to attack Turner’s pride as a last attempt.

“Things have gone too far… so you are just called president for the sake of media right?” DX asked him

“For the most part, you are right. But I can get some key weapons exported”

“Good” DX said. He praised himself in his mind that his technique worked. He wrote the address where he wanted weapons to be delivered and gave it to Turner.

“Former Russia has some goodies too” Turner suggested

“We already contacted Montazo, an influential person. He agreed to cooperate by giving us key Russian Military equipment” DX said grinning

DX shook hands with the president and turned to leave. Turner called him. He turned back.

“Is there anything else you want to share?” DX asked Turner.

“Yes… I feel sorry for having cheated people… and their liberties”

“It’s fine” DX said “We are all in this together. By God, we will fight for our freedom!”

“Can I join you?” he asked DX.

“No Mr. Turner” DX replied winking “We need more spies”

Turner winked back.


DX went to Angel’s apartment for relaxation in evening.

“Look what I got” the dolly girl showed when he entered. It was colored box that typically looked like a toy.

“What is this?” DX asked snatching it from her

“It’s a flash game player… I can play OpenFlash games in it” she said smiling.

DX loved flash games. They were small and fun.

DX and Angel played the game Flevbag the Cat vs Mutt the Dog

He played the role of Mutt while Angel took the role of Flevbag. It is natural that boys love dogs and girls love cats.

DX threw bones at Angel while she threw cat food canisters on him across a fence.

“I need to tell you something Angel” DX told casually while they were in middle of the game. He then explained her infiltration project.

“… So you must go inside the Grand Cathedral as apprentice of Dr. Fermann” he concluded

“DX…” she said “I have a little fear….I want to live”

“It’s no force” DX said. Mutt the dog won at last.

While DX was leaving Angel’s apartment…

“Is this only option available?” she asked him

“No…” DX answered turning back “There are lots of other options out there”

“I sense lie in your eyes” Angel replied fixing her gaze towards him.

DX stood calm.

“I’ll do it” she said instantaneously.

“No… I will find another way” DX said

Angel came forward and caught his hands…

“I’ll do it” she said smiling. DX hugged her.

Angel was able to clear the bionic test and IQ test with top scores. Dr. Fermann on permission with professor K2 bought her as his apprentice to the Grand Cathedral.

K2 met Cathy (Angel’s spy name) and Fermann at cafeteria. She went to bring coffee for the three of them.

“Such a sweet girl isn’t she?” K2 asked Dr. Fermann. He smiled

“I guess you can have a little sugar and honey now doctor” he said winking.

Fermann felt awkward. K2 appeared to be a total jerk to him. Even with his 60 years of lonely bachelor hood never could he imagine an illegitimate affair with gullible young women.

“I would like her to work in bio-networking division” he said looking at Angel who was putting coffee cups in trays.

Fermann knew he had no control in bio-networking division. The entire facility was headed by Prof. K2. He was about to decline.

“Now… Urgently…” K2 demanded. Fermann knew he had no other option.

The hologram console was empty. Neither Fermann nor Angel responded to it. DX knew something might have gone wrong or delayed. Angel had her camera transmission removed as it would be detected in security check.

“DX….” Ravi entered his room “Uganda needs underground connection to start a new XWorld base. It’s a good idea as entering the country is very strict. It has too much of security”

On listening Ravi’s words, an idea flashed DX’s mind.

“I have an idea” he told Ravi, one of his students in Coliseum project “What if we dig underground using centurion and reach the Grand Cathedral insides”

“Brilliant idea” Ravi said. DX smiled

K2 and Angel sat in the bio-networking room. Three engineers behind were discussing…

“If I connect infrared port 56 to 99, I see certain bio triggers in the plant’s body…” a scientist said

“…you must be activating cellulose then…” another scientist replied.

They seemed too busy to notice even a hot model like Cherry naked in front of them. Angel was shivering in cold. K2 offered her a sweat shirt.

“Living underground makes you very cold here huh?” he asked sitting besides her.

Angel put a surprised expression.

“Fermann said you spend a lot of time in bio-genetic laboratory at Stanford”

“Oh yeah” Angel replied “It’ s underground right? I almost forgot that”

K2’s eyes were very powerful and penetrating. She felt it hard to look at it directly.”

“What should I do?” she asked trying to avoid his gaze.

“A complex task” he told her You need to create a generic Data Warehouse for human gene data we have over here”

Angel looked into requirement document in her monitor that K2 opened. He went away.

As soon as he went away, Angel noticed the scientists behind her to be very busy to notice what she was doing. So she immediately attempted to hack into Grand Cathedral central network. She wished DX was besides her. He was such an amazing hacker.

She found it extremely difficult to hack the Blowfish encrypted network. The only option she had was to create the bio-genetic data warehouse. From the requirements, she found this to be the final stage of Grand Cathedral. So if she does this, the Grand Cathedral would succeed. She just kept on staring the monitor.

K2 entered in after an hour. Angel got up and started to leave.

“I cannot do it” she confessed “Only Dr. Fermann can…”

“No wait Cathy…” K2 commanded “You scored enormously high in biogenetics. You can do this according to my thoughts…”

Angel remained calm. K2 made her sit. She was analyzing the project slowly on screen. K2 asked the other scientists to leave.

“You know…” he said after a while to her “Whole my life, I never had the opportunity to love anybody…. Not even my parents… because they died when I was a kid”

“I feel so sorry for that” Angel paused her work and replied.

“Thanks…” K2 said “But after I crossed my 40s, when I was in my mid-life crisis, one person entered my life changing me entirely… he gave me eternal happiness… Do you know who that is?” K2 questioned

Angel shrugged. Perhaps she knew who it was…

K2 started angrily into her green eyes. A shrill of fright crossed Angel.

“The very person you stole from me” K2 responded “DX”

Angel was shocked. How could he have guessed her to be Angel?

K2 slapped her. He got up and started walking around the lab.

“Miss Kristina Angelica… How much should I hate you for doing this to me” he pronounced.

Angel got up, went towards him and slapped him back. She started angrily at him.

“How dare you try to use DX for your dirty personal ambitions?” she asked

“My ambitions?” he said laughing “I am 55 years old now. I wanted to give DX, the person who poured new life into me, the best gift. That was the power to control the world and create a superior race called the DX race… An AI race”

“You got it wrong Mister” Angel retaliated “For me, DX is more human than AI… in fact he is more human that you ever could be”

Dr. Fermann entered in with two body guards of K2.

“I wanted to take my apprentice back” he told K2 frankly

“Hmmm… Mr. Fermann, someone wanted you back to where you came from” K2 responded.

“Who is that?” Fermann asked

“God” K2 replied quickly taking out his gun and firing two bullets on the old scientist’s heart. Angel screamed and tried to catch Dr. Fermann, but K2’s body gaurds caught her and dragged her back. K2 went to Dr. Fermann who was lying on ground and kicked his face with his boots. He then fired two more bullets at him.

“Rest in peace Fermann” he said coming back.

“You beast” Angel shouted gritting her teeth.

K2 just smiled.

“He was a nice man Fermann” he accepted “Never ambitious for power, yet highly talented. But these days… Kaliyug as ancient literature Vedas describe it, power and money is everything”

“DX will get back the golden era” Angel said challenging.

“Yes he will” K2 replied “With two other AIs,  Einstein and Helen, he would form a great alliance and rule this planet”

“DX is not ambitious and tyrant like you” she shouted.

K2 went near her and kissed her lips. Angel spat it back to him. He slapped her again. She wanted to slap him back but the bodyguards held her tightly.

“I would personally like to kill you” K2 said walking around the laboratory “…but I hear you are a great bio-geneticist who designed a cure of HIV2”

“How do you know this?” she asked “Who is spy at XWorld?”

“It’s obvious” K2 replied smiling “DX is the spy”

“It’s a rotten lie” Angel declared.

“You are in Kaliyug Angel…” he told her “Everything that happens here is a melodrama. The World War III DX is planning is just for elimination of human armed forces with robotic forces of XWorld”

“Lie” Angel said trying to argue “…DX is great”

“You won’t budge” K2 said laughing “Anyway, if you like DX so much, why don’t you help me set up this network so that he can rule this planet?”

“AI cannot rule humans” she said seriously “Humans created AI”

“You will help me set up this complex network…” K2 said

 Another body guard came in bringing a loaded injection to K2. K2 took it near her and injected the syringe it into her body, and pushed the fluid inside. In few minutes, Angel felt an intense feeling of pleasure like never before. It was as if several orgasms were hitting her simultaneously. She wanted one more. K2 got it and injected it. She felt like in heaven.

K2 injected 5 such syringes filled with the mysterious fluid. She found herself falling in love with the syringe.

“I want one more” she demanded looking hungrily at the sixth syringe K2 had in his hands. He got the syringe near her but never injected it.

“If you want Menna, set up this network” he demanded. The body guards dragged Angel and made her sit near her console. Her conscious mind tried to control her and stop her from working. But her sub conscious mind reminded her of Menna, the extreme pleasure, the forbidden fruit. She immediately started setting up the network. After finishing every module in the requirement, K2 gave her a fresh syringe of Menna.

Burning Desire defeats Conscience.

The fall from Paradise!

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