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Chapter 41 (v.1) - World War III

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



The Pyramid Prison Armed Forces Union

Giza, Egypt

The desert in Giza gave a very active look with soldiers ready to face incoming attack from XWorld soldiers. They were stationed 3 days prior with food to get used to conditions. War typically is like a game. The soldiers were baked black due to the cruel sun.

It was 24 hours since XWorld declared war on the Pyramid. Since then, their base was on red alert. They expected human soldiers with hour glass logo to attack them. But to their surprise, they saw heavy machines and robot marching bravely towards them raining Soul Saver clips. They started firing the soldiers unconscious. Certain robot hovercraft acted like scavengers, picking up unconscious soldiers and taking them to XWorld prisons.

One flamethrower came forward bravely and engulfed a warrior robot with a huge flame shower. It had no effect on the thermo secure shield of the robot.

Kid rock was operating the robot from his secure apartment at XWorld. He saw the flamethrowers expression and had a laugh. He then moved his robot ahead and kicked the flamethrowers balls.

“Ow…” he screamed and fell on ground. The robot fired a Soul-Saver clip driving the soldier unconscious.

The Pyramid called Air strikes where key US military air crafts like stealth bombers attacked the robots. They dropped bombs below. Surprisingly, delta force that surrounded the robot absorbed the missile and stored its energy inside. It then shot back a huge electric ball on the target. The electric ball disabled the electronics of the fighter craft thus forcing the pilot to make a parachute landing.

As soon as the pilot landed, the robot fired a Soul-Saver clip at him making him unconscious.


The XWorld

Winston knew he had to run to save himself from the sudden attack of defense order cadets at XWorld. He had no idea as how their secure base could be vulnerable to the tyrannical defense order.

His left leg was wounded with a bullet and he was bleeding. He ran across XWorld’s streets which was filled with blood and bodies. A sight he never thought he would see in a place like XWorld. He limped ahead and ran into the gift girl, Disgaea. He fell in front of her expecting her to give something that might save him.

Disgaea looked at his face and read it. She searched her bag and gave him a pistol.

“My father’s gun” she told him.

Winston understood. There was no other option for him. He caught hold of the gun and limped to attack. His bullet stuck the advancing soldier’s heart. But another soldier behind him shot Winston’s heart. He fell dead on Disgaea’s lap.

The soldier with evil eyes came near the gift girl. She searched her bag and showed him a white handkerchief.

“Are you from XWorld?” he asked her in a monstrous tone.

She nodded.


“Mr. DX… wake up” Stevenson shook him awake

DX was surprised to see XWorld cadets armed with weapons.

“Our base is under attack” Stevenson said “Sudden unexpected attack… several have died”

DX came out and saw bodies lying in front of him. XWorld cadets started attacking defense order cadets but it seemed too late. DX walked in a hazily across the blood filled streets. He felt like crying. He stumbled upon Disgaea. She was lying on ground. Her green dress was covered with blood. Her white hand kerchief had blood stains on it. She was clearly dead.

Stevenson closed his eyes.

“The gift girl….was God sent…” he said and started crying.

DX closed his eyes for a while trying to calm his extreme sadness. He moved on slowly

“How exactly did this happen?” DX asked stammering

“I dunno” Stevenson responded “It was Ravi who informed us that a surprise attack started… but we were a litlle late to respond”

“Every passing second is precious” DX told him a little angry

“I apologize. I feel very sad” Stevenson said

“There is little option left” DX told the team sternly “We need to attack the Grand Cathedral and put an end to things”

“I agree” they said in union.


XWorld Strategy Room

DX entered in 5 minutes late.

“I was busy talking with Dr. Fermann” DX said “He gave the schema of Grand Cathedral insides. What a wonderful spy”

Einstein’s hologram appeared on screen.

“Special thanks to Ravi for informing us about this catastrophe” Einstein said “I cannot exactly find the reason how this attack started… but while my thread is probing into it… let us start planning the attack. I can’t be but be extremely sorry for the people we lost. We will miss them forever”

There was a moment of tears and silence.

“The Grand Cathedral as per the schema, has Fermann gave us 10 minutes before explains us that it has a copter entrance on top of it with a keypad. DX can hack it to enter it. The whole XWorld force shall attack the GC”

“Mr. Einstein” Stevenson responded “If whole XWorld force goes there, the base will become endangered”

“No problem Stevenson” DX assured “I have organized 500 robots to guard the base. We need intelligent and stealth loving people to attack the Grand Cathedral”

Stevenson nods.


The Grand Cathedral

K2 sat near Angel. She was working busily. 5 empty syringes hung across her hands. K2 removed them slowly and even then few drops of blood spurted out.

“Why do you have to be such a peace loving lady?” he asked her “Did you see now… DX duped XWorld”

“DX and Einstein will attack Grand Cathedral” she said trying to control her addicted mind “XWorld will win”

“Reason Angel Reason” he urged her “I hear that you have very high IQ. They why don’t you reason things? See… DX first becomes leader of XWorld without any experience, then he open the door access codes and performs an abduction melodrama on you while he slept peacefully as though nothing happened…”

Angel tried to concentrate on the program. Menna was draining her neurotic energy. K2’s words had no effect on her beliefs.

“Then he plays the role of hero by bravely rescuing you” K2 declared “Ha! Why would Helen ever harm DX?”

Angel compiled the final module. The bio network started working and interfaced with the data warehouse. K2’s joys knew no bounds. He immediately injected a huge syringe of anti-addictive to Angel. Her Menna addiction slowly drained

Angel’s mind slowly realized that she made the tyrant win. But the orgasmic ecstasy due to Menna long defeated her guilty feeling. She now knew why Menna was so instrumental in enticing and destroying the society. It was literally the forbidden fruit of this planet

K2 ran breezily across the lab.

“Ha” he screamed “The Grand Cathedral is mine. I have conquered the planet”
He immediately turned on his vocal corder and sent a message

“Attack XWorld base at Proving Grounds”

“You must be a fool… people don’t know where XWorld is” Angel smirked

“Shut up… It’s not people I ordered”

A shrill crossed her heart.

“Whom did you order then?” she asked him

“A secret” K2 winked. Looking at Angel, he opened up a hologram console in a corner and switched it on. A hazy hologram appeared which over time became clear.

“Einstein!” Angel screamed

Albert Einstein smiled.

“Greetings K2” he wished him. Angel almost fainted.


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