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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Like Dad… like son

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX was easily able to hack in and enter the dock from above. They looked at schema of the base and proceeded to it through an elevator. Once inside the base, DX advised his men to stop firing. They were all surprised.

The soldiers inside the cathedral were harmless. They just paved way for DX and his team. Stevenson was mesmerized.

“What is going on DX?” he asked him.

“Just wait… you will know”

DX led the XWorld force into a lift and got into it. The lift went underground and opened up. Stevenson found their team facing a series of defense order cadets with rocket launchers and powerful laser guns facing them. Their armor was useless to rocket launchers and laser guns. They surrendered by dropping their gun. DX also dropped his gun.

The team couldn’t understand DX’s behavior. Why would he want an unconditional surrender. To their surprise, DX moved ahead.

“Stop DX” Stevenson screams “They will kill you…”

To his surprise, one of the men in defense order shook hands with DX and hugged him. Stevenson couldn’t believe this grave betrayal. DX pointed thumbs down to them and left.

The XWorld cadets were thrown in separate prisons within the cathedral.


Einstein, Angel and K2 with his body guards were still in the secure control room.

“He is at the entrance” Einstein said

K2 beamed and opened the door. DX got in.

“Ah my son…” K2 greeted him “the boy himself”

They hugged each other.

“DX!” Angel screams and tried to go towards him. But the two body guards held her to the chair.

“Sorry Angel” DX said smiling mischievously “But you proved very instrumental to achieve the goal of a ruling DX race…”

“I-It couldn’t be” she replied confused “I… no way”

K2 came near her.

“I want to know the truth” she screamed “From the mouth of DX”

“It’s no use screaming and fighting Angel” DX said laughing “Every member of XWorld is now in prison… including Stevenson. But we will not waste your skills Angel. Join us in this new AI ruled planet”

“DX…” Angel said in tears “Humans created you”

“Humans are stupid creatures. So stupid that no other species in this planet kills their own members. But humans do…

They are extremely incapable when compared to AIs like me or Einstein or Helen. They need a driving force to rule this planet Angel. Before I joined the defense order, my dad always told me that I would be the one to rule this planet. I always wanted to! It's embedded into me

But the day I joined the defense order, I felt that these people had no idea about Mystiques. I knew that something big was attacking them.

When I met you, my visit to XWorld confirmed me that your base is much stronger than defense order ever could be. I told this to my dad K2 and no one else. Nobody in Styx except my dad ever knew that I was a spy.

Even at the great escape from Pyramid Prison, my dad knew I was just besides him. But he kept mum because of Fermann.

I then introduced Helen, a sister project of mine anonymously to Einstein. By playing a melodrama of your abduction, Helen got complete power over Einstein. Slowly it overwrote Einstein’s heuristic algorithm with hers and merged into him. Now Einstein thinks like Helen and joined the defense order.

To get Stevenson and all other core members, all I needed was another melodrama”

K2 hugged DX again.

“Dad can you teach me the controls?” DX asked looking around.

“You can play around” K2 said “It is safe. It’s designed by Angel herself”

“DX…” Angel spoke realizing “I really hate you and your ambitions. Just leave Stevenson, myself and others. We don’t want to be under your tyrannical robotic rule”

“Yes..,” K2 replied “All will be freed. But not until you get the code of Orion and microchip installed with “our” cure”

Angel tried to escape as a last moment attempt but the body guards caught her.

“Hold her while I get the cure and microchips” K2 told the guards as he left out.

“Einstein” DX told the hologram “Can you please shut down for a moment. You are looking very hazy here. Let me try to correct it”

Einstein nodded and disappeared. DX immediately shut down the console. He turned back and shot the two guards.  Angel put a surprised expression.

“Quick” he asked her “Tell me the controls to close the door of this control room”

“What?” Angel asked surprised at this sudden behavior of DX.

“I am not on defense orders side” DX screamed “Just tell me how to shut down this damn door”

“Oh…” Angel said hastily and showed him the controls;

DX hacked it and locked the control room door. He went near the terminal and said…

“Stop attacking XWorld and get back to work”

He then selected few people there and gave them the command…

“Shut down Einstein”

“Angel” DX said relaxing finally “Victory is ours… every soldier in this building has a microchip with them… we can control them… but how?”

“I know” Angel responded. She opened the Grand Cathedral security list from network. DX gives the command…

“Arrest professor K2 and release XWorld prisoners and report back through intercom ID 974A”

Angel and DX relaxed. They were too tired to speak. Every moment was anxious to them. After a while, DX received a message…

INTERCOM: Jonnas Cage: XWorld prisoners have been freed.

INTERCOM: Anthony Hawk: K2 is dead at Level 3

A huge arrow stuck DX’s heart. It couldn’t be true.

DX immediately went to the console and gave command “All units stand by”

He opened the control doors and rushed out. Angel followed him. They reached level three. He found in the middle, his dad, lying in a pool of blood. Someone shot him.

Anthony was standing besides him.

“Who did this?” DX asked him “My command was only to arrest him”

“I dunno” Anthony replied

DX fell down, took his dad in his laps and started crying. Angel couldn’t help a tear fall down from her cheeks.

In the memory of Napolean, Adolph Hitler… K2 fails to see yet another cruel ambition. An ambition to supress human freedom...

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