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Chapter 43 (v.1) - World CEO

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



DX was in a corner of Grand Cathedral pyramid looking outside at the faint sun. XWorld military units took complete control of the Grand Cathedral.

Angel entered and stood near him.

“Are you fine DX?” she asked him.

“Yeah…” he said “I just need some time alone”

Angel felt DX had the greatest loss of his life, his dad, his mentor Fermann, and above all, the gift girl Disgaea who he loved.

She went silently into the control room. Stevenson was standing there.

“Great work here Angel” he said “This network is amazing”

Angel gave an angelic smile.

“Wow…” he said “I love your smile”

She smiled again.

“You know, I just talked to DX an hour ago. When I heard the whole story, it seemed like a heavily thought strategy no human could have planned” Stevenson said

“Yes” Angel accepted “Being a double sided spy is very difficult job. DX handled it beyond imagination”

DX entered in.

“Ahem” he made a noise to get their attention “…I hear people praising me”

“You are a great strategist DX” Angel said

“Thank you” DX replied “But… there were certain things that I did not expect…”

“Like what?” she questioned

“Like Helen… I never knew she would have overwritten herself over Einstein’s program… and she revealed about you to K2. Ultimately XWorld was attacked untimely. Death of Disgaea, Fermann… all were unexpected. But the biggest mystery of all times remains. The murder of my dad. Who could have done this?” he said pondering

“The only order you gave them was to arrest him right?” Angel asked

“Yes” DX replied

“People at XWorld informed me that robots took care of the attacking mob when K2 commanded it to do so…” Stevenson informed


“But I thought they were under control of Einstein. How could they have attacked the mob?”

“I set these security bots myself with help from Ravi” DX said smiling “…using the Coliseum network”

“Brilliant” Angel shrieked and hugged him. She placed a kiss on his cheeks. DX blushed.


INTERCOM: Jack: Sir… Simons is at the entrance with few troops. He is holding a white kerchief though.

DX connected to Jack.

“Yes…allow them with a robot pointing gun at them” DX said

Simons and his troops entered in. A robot was pointing a gun at him.

“I am here to collect some of my items I left here” he said as calmly as possible

“Go ahead and collect it” DX said

Simons turned back to leave but he remembered something and turned around.

“I must tell you because it would be an insult to K2’s memory if you didn’t know. The Illuminati ordered him to be killed” Simons said calmly

“W-What?” DX exclaimed “He worked for them. Why would they kill him?”

“You are wrong DX. He worked for you. He wanted to make you the supreme ruler of this world. I understood his intentions but I did not see much trouble in that. I just wanted some higher position and K2 would gladly offer me that. But he went off track when he ordered his troopers to assassinate me” Simons said

“I understand. The troops in turn got orders from pyramid to kill K2” DX said

“Their loyalty goes to the pyramid first. K2 must have used the Grand Cathedral to order them…” Simons said smiling

“I have also come here to break news on behalf of the Illuminati DX. You have weakened us by capturing the Grand Cathedral, but we are much more than you could have ever imagined. The golden era hasn’t arrived DX. But for another decade or so, enjoy your power” he said.

DX gave him a frown while Angel showed him the middle finger.  Simons walked away.

“DX” Stevenson told him “You could have caught him”

“Let him go” DX said dismissively “He is just a little puppet as far as I can tell. He doesn’t even know that the organization above him is not the Illuminati”

Angel and Stevenson put puzzled looks.

“Frankly I feel the Illuminati is just a front end organization behind which a powerful and ancient secret society operates. It is this society that has occult.

“Occult?” Angel asked puzzled

“Yes… occult or magical knowledge. If you tell a “civilized” man about spells or witchcraft or spirit, he will call you crazy… but do you think magic is fake?” DX asked

“I think it is fake” she said

“Oh yeah? Then how did ancient spirits and sages of India dominate people. How did Krishna lift a huge mountain with his little finger?”

“They are just scriptures…” Angel argued.

“If you are atheist, then how did they build the pyramids? How did Stonehenge form? Occult. A magic knowledge and science is hidden”

Angel nodded.

“What is this secret organization?” Stevenson asked

“I can’t tell you exactly” DX said “But I think it might be Freemasons or Thule Society…Not sure”

“Hmm… I never heard of these” Stevenson replied

“We need to track royal bloodlines from the past to get a complete picture of where magic was lost and gained again” DX said

“Atleast we are free as they declared a truce” Angel said smiling

“No Angel…” DX said “Words are deceptive. They are just trying to make us lazy so that they can recover from this loss and attack again”

“What about these people and their microchips?” Angel asked feeling concerned.

“If we remove the microchips, they will easily become targets of Pyramid. Again drugs, prostitution, riots and media exposure will start. And we will have to retire underground. Get real. We need to control people and urge them to do the right and creative things. Things that benefit themselves, benefit the society, benefit their country and thereby benefit the planet” he said

“So…Will you be the dictator?” she asked him.

“No… I have to leave for some solace for at least a year” DX said

“Then you can be the dictator then Miss Angel” Stevenson told her.

“Stop kidding. I never led any team. You are the right person Mr. Stevenson. Matured and handsome” she said

Stevenson blushed

“Yes Stevenson” DX said “You are the best choice”

“Thanks” Stevenson accepted humbly

“Dictator is a cruel term” DX said “Stevenson from now on you are World CEO”

Stevenson nodded smiling.

“You need to take the role of God's vicergent and rule as per his divine laws. You should see to that people live happy, rich and disease free lives, as much as you can” DX advised him.

“We should also eliminate information about microchip, Grand Cathedral and code of Orion from their minds…” Angel advised

Stevenson nodded and lifted his hands up. DX and Angel gave a hi five.


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