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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Mystique – World Rescue Order

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



CIA Headquarters

Washington D.C.


Moscow Daily [Russian Press]

Flash News: Global Terrorism: Mystique Spreads Rampage: Drugs, Virus, Bio warfare and murders

Moscow 29th April 2020 Investigation by the recently appointed series of agents by the United Nations on the spreading of virus and drugs gave rise to a new plot. All these activities surprisingly seem connected by a new concept called global terrorism.

These groups have been found to network all around the globe from US to USSR secretly and they spread out deadly disease Trapdeath caused due to HIV2 virus and the extremely addictive drug Menna.

Trapdeath has caused more than 40 million deaths worldwide of which 10 million were killed by those infected by it.

Menna consumption has drastically increased. Several cases of suicide arose because of lack of access to the drug. Mystique cadets dress themselves in civil uniform with an hour-glass emblem and they live amidst general public. They inject either the virus or the drug into your food or your body indirectly. Sometimes they do this by force.

“When I was walking into a subway in Paris alone one night, some people in masks caught me. They had a strange symbol attached to their dresses. They injected something with a syringe and then knocked me off. When I woke up, I felt dizzy. As I went to a doctor doubting something, I was found infected with Trapdeath” says Mrs. Helen Brooder, a 58 year old freelancer in Paris in tears.

“These guys are everywhere in this planet. Their main goal seems to be elimination of humans and they are dangerous. Please keep out of them” says Mr. Synergy Simons, Director of CIA which was an integral part of the investigation.

They have a standard emblem, the hour-glass emblem

The United Nations has declared the Hour glass symbol to be Symbol for “Global Terrorists” or Mystiques – The self proclaimed Rescue Order.

“I have just one address to the people of the planet. Please keep out of the Mystiques. If you see the emblem anywhere, report to the local police soon. We need to stand united under such hard circumstances” says Mr. Frizzy Max, General Secretary of the United Nations.


Synergy Simons, former president of the United States 2 decades ago,  was a towering personality. He was completely bald with dragon tattoos embedded all over his neck and head. He was tan skinned. He wore a long black coat and sunset brown goggles.

He was called out of retirement to lead the CIA as the director, in the wake of global Terrorism. He was instrumental in fighting radical insurgents during his reign as the president and enforced a peaceful world. This was probably why they decided to raise him from the dead.

Life in CIA taught him many dirty tactics to get the truth out the meanest way possible. It might be inserting needles into the convict’s numb fingertips or placing him or her nude in a compressed cubicle of ice till they screamed the truth. Or even branding them with heated fork, whatever works!

Today’s task was no less different. He needed to investigate three suspects from the world’s most terrifying and death defying organization ever found, the Mystiques. Organized terrorism is very dangerous and could lead to massive destruction. He needed to carefully get as much details as possible from the suspects and he had his tactics in hand.

“Hello sir” said a calm looking security guard near the entrance of the secret prison. The secret prison was located underground of the headquarters

“Hello” said Simons in a harsh tone typical of his voice.  The security guard was obviously disturbed by the cruel torture of criminals which sometimes he was forced to enact.

Simons entered a tunneling staircase. There were automated surveillance cameras with cannon guns on top. If anybody unrecognized enter, the operator who is in the security tower gets an alarm and he can operate the gun to shoot the intruder.

The surveillance camera didn’t mind Simons. He was the most powerful personality of the CIA.

At the end, a metal door blocked his way. There was a retinal scanner besides it. Simons placed his snake like eyes near the scanner. The scanner gave zip through his eyes. The LCD attached to it glowed in green…

Synergy Simons

Director of Operations, CIA

The door opened. There was a long series of prisons. Most of them were empty. A guard was roaming. He saluted to Synergy.

“Where are the cadets of the rescue order?” Simons asked in a robotic tone.

“The last prison block” the solider replied pointing south.

Simons had no trouble entering the dark cell. He switched on the light. Three prisoners were handcuffed in all possible locations. They all had the Mystique emblem on their coffee colored shirt.

“So, what is your name?” he asked looking at the first prisoner. He was pale and slim.

“Mystique Cadet” he replied in a patriotic tone.

Simon took a moment to giggle and then looked at the emblem on his hands. Below the emblem something was written

Mr. Calgary Smith

Mystique Veteran Cadet

“OK Calgary! Tell me something about this rescue order thing”

“Not a word!” Calgary shouted. Simons immediately took a gun and shot Calgary in his head. He dropped dead.

He went to his next convict who was trembling.

“So, what is this rescue order thing?” he asked gravely pointing the gun at his head.

There was silence. Synergy pulled the trigger.

“Not a word” the convict said calmly. Synergy knew it wouldn’t work this way. He removed the gun. He already killed one convict. If he kills these two, then they would lose lot of information. He could clearly understand that Mystique has brainwashed and networked for such a long time that its cadets are ready to even lose their life.

“You know very well that I am not going to spare you” Simons barked “You are going to face 4th degree torture until death. No one in history have refused to surrender to the 4th degree”

“We won’t be alive for that torture” the third convict said. Simon’s couldn’t understand what he meant. Their hands and legs were tied so there is no possibility of cyanide consumption.

Their eyes started glowing blue. Synergy couldn’t understand what was going on. For a while he felt that they were holding their breath. Before he could react they dropped down. He went slowly and touched the convict’s pulse. They were dead.

Five minutes later

“They are dead sir. Its confirmed” the in-house doctor said.

“How did they die?” Synergy barked

The doctor shrugged …

“Did you by any chance suffocate them?” he asked looking at ferocious looking Simons

Simons frowned at the doctor

“No” he finally replied “Take these bodies to mortuary. Conduct a post-mortem”


An hour later

Location: CIA Mortuary Room

Washington D.C.

Perhaps the less guarded area of CIA is the mortuary room. It makes sense too. Unless you believe in paranormal and supernatural occurrences, why would dead bodies harm anybody?

Bodies of two mystique cadets lie in the front row for post-mortem. The attender came close to them. He looked closely at one of the dead cadets. His eyes were open though he was dead. Suddenly a blue light glowed in the eyes of the cadet. His hands caught the neck of the attender and hit his head hard on the floor continuously till he fell down unconscious.

He got up only to see his friend cadet smiling happily at him.

“Sources indicate that the door on that side is an exit to a crematory. It is less guarded. We can easily sneak past” he said.

Both the mystique cadets fled to the door leaving the dead attender in his own pool of blood.

5 minutes later

“What? How could they have escaped? You confirmed to me that they were dead” Synergy scowled at the doctor looking at the dead attender on the floor.

“I swear to my medical practice sir, that their pulse did not beat nor did their heart.

Synergy knew it was no use scolding the doctor. He himself tested their pulse. What a poor strategist he has been. He felt that he should have manually shot them to confirm their death.

How could someone stop one’s heartbeat and start it again? Or did someone else gain entry into the postmortem facility that is less guarded and remove the bodies killing the attender. Synergy felt the latter to be true. But then how did they find that their cadets were dead and that they were in the mortuary room.

 One thing became clear in Synergy’s mind. Mystique was no ordinary terrorist group. They seem far more scientifically advanced group. It was time to do something before things got worse.

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