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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The United Nations World Beneficial Meet: Combat against Global Terrorism

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



Frizzy was yet as determined as he ever could be. The message was loud and clear. Eradicate Mystique, the Global Terrorist Network, which in turn would eradicate all suffering that humanity was facing today. Be it virus, drugs or corruption.

The president of the United States, Mr. William Turner was with Frizzy in the helicopter to attend the second beneficial meet of the UN. This seemed a little awkward to Frizzy as not many leaders who were attending the meeting would take this positively.

It would give them a feel that the UN was siding with the US. Frizzy was however a neutral person from South Africa. It has been a tradition in the United Nations to choose a person who is not of origin among the global super powers. It wasn’t a rule but it became a tradition so as to give a feel that the UN was not taking any sides.

Ever since the veto rights have been abolished and the voting decision has been introduced, UN has been seeing some great strides of success.

“I am not sure if this plan would work out” William remarked patting Frizzy.

“We have the voting decision” Frizzy said firmly “When we have the right cause, I don’t see why we can’t win”

“Sure Frizzy. I am confident of your abilities” William said patting him again.

Frizzy suddenly felt that he was being pushed down. Not long before he realized that the copter was landing on the helipad.

Frizzy got down. The breakfast he had at the copter this morning did not seem to have digested properly. He gave a burp. William giggled failing to resist.

The auditorium this time looked much compact with several Bezier curves in its design. This architecture captured the eyes of Cho. He was in his traditional Chinese dress. This made the hall feel like it was a sort of Chinese cuisine restaurant.

The beneficial meet was quite different from the first one. No body was informed about the purpose of the meet though it was intuitively obvious that the goal was to eradicate the rising terrorism. The floating center screen displayed….

The United Nations Organization

Representing the World….


World Beneficial Meet II

Combat Against Global Terrorism

The fuzzy clock on top gloved in green…


Cho was absolutely confident about the security arrangements. Laser fighter planes provided by the US surrounded the Geneva Conference Hall. Russia provided the “Star Force” shield to the hall. If any bomb or missile was dropped into the shield, it would be absorbed.

Such high security was required at a place where all the world leaders meet.

The fuzzy clock on top gloved in red…


Almost everybody was present. Frizzy entered the dais. There were claps everywhere. He took it humbly by bending down.

“Good morning to all of you! Welcome to the World Beneficial Meet two. Combat against global terrorism”

Frizzy opened the slide in his laptop and started explaining….

“This meeting, my dear world leaders is about fighting a war against terrorism and restoring peace. If it were an ordinary group concentrating on a single country like the Al-Qaeda, we wouldn’t need much support. But now, intelligence has identified a truly the single most powerful terrorist network that ever existed in this planet”

The whole auditorium was now dumbfounded into Frizzy’s speech.

“The only solution for global terrorism is global anti-terrorism” Frizzy stressed “We need to unite our armed forces and form a single entity against another single entity. Then we are sure to win”

There were boos of disapproval. Certain prime ministers even got up from their seat and started shouting in whatever their native language was.

“It would be more professional if you could use the buzzer system” Frizzy said calmly unmindful of what was going around.

His speech sure got converted into their native languages on their computer screens and the leaders went back and started pressing the buzzers.

The light on front of Germany’s table glowed. The center screen displayed.


Mr. Willy Schmidt

Armed Forces Minister

Republic of Germany


He got up and spoke.

“What ethnic origin are these forces from? And what does Mystique mean?”

Frizzy took a deep breath and answered.

“There are not from any ethnic group or religion. They are people from various nations who are networking secretly. And from the information we got from the CIA, a very trustable department, the Mystique consists of people with extremely high IQ and heavy bio-augmentation. Bio-augmentation means insertion of electronic components inside the body”

Schmidt nodded. That seemed bizarre. Insertion of electronic components into the body was still at an infancy stage in many nations.

“And Mystique as per any dictionary means an aura of mystery and desire. We believe it’s just a name for propaganda” Frizzy concluded

“And what does the symbol indicate?”

Frizzy opened the slide containing the hour glass symbol to show it to all

We don’t know. It looks like X with two rods on top of it or the roman number 10. It also looks like an hour glass. Sources indicate that such a symbol existed in the Druidic Religion on the 2nd century B.C. but it doesn’t matter. Druidism no longer exists”

“Thank you” Schmidt said sitting down.

The buzzer system hooked up the next person in queue.


Mr. Ankit Khandelwal

Prime Minister

Democratic Republic Of India


“What is the need for armed forces to integrate? We can… in fact every nation can lead their own army against the Mystique”

“Good question” Frizzy said. There were few claps that supported Ankit’s question.

“But this question has already been answered. They are global and we also need to be global to defeat them. Making your own army fight against a global terrorist force is not something I see wise. They are powerful and worse than any single nation’s armed forces even US, India or Russia put together”

Ankit nodded and sat down. There were disapprovals and shouting.

“So, here is our proposal” Frizzy showed the next slide.

Styx – The defense Order

Global Anti-Terrorist Coalition


To Combat the Global Terrorism Caused by



Mystique – The rescue order

Global Terrorist Coalition


“Our symbol is going to be an octagon. The defense order is a global coalition of armed forces and military technology to …”

Frizzy immediately showed the next slide



1. Eradicate the Mystique under any bizarre circumstances

2. Reduce the incidence of the disease Trapdeath being spread by the Mystique

3. Reduce drug trafficking spread by the Mystique

4. Restore harmony to the world and remain united until the existence of the planet ceases

Lot of nations expressed their dissatisfaction. Most of them felt that their army or military technology would be exposed and exploited. Frizzy tried to explain but it was one man versus a whole bunch of world leaders.

In the end he decided it was enough talking and decided to start the voting.

“Ok friends” Frizzy said authoritatively “Let us start the voting. Rules are the same. You are given five minutes to decide. Failing to do so, will mark your answer to be Yes

The voting screen showed up on all computers in their native language.

Is your nation in favor of the formation of Styx – the defense order? By Yes, you agree to share your army and military technology for the cause of elimination of global terrorists – the Mystique. By No, you agree to play no role.

Voting ends in 5 days

Frizzy was biting his finger nails. He was sure this time there couldn’t be 75 percent approval. But his plans were different. After five days of intense discussions, conferences, lavish lunch and dinner…. The results were out

In Favor of Styx – the defense order: 28%

Against Styx: 72%

“Ok…” Frizzy said “As a conclusion, let us see the list of the 28 percent of the nations who are in favor”

The list showed up in the screen


  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. Israel
  4. India
  5. Great Briton
  6. ………

“All right” he said “As per the failed voting decision this time, it is not compulsory to join Styx. But the nations who want to form Styx shall contribute to its formation. We will join hands and fight the Mystiques”

There were applause in the auditorium.

“Those of you who feel unable to combat terrorism, the doors are always open. You can join into Styx”

Frizzy’s strategy was clear to everybody. He was determined to eliminate Global Terrorism and he would do it at any cost.

Leaders were redirected to the party room for a calm party. Little did they realize that they were fighting against an electronically mutated group of humans who were hell bent on destroying humanity.


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