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Chapter 8 (v.1) - DX the powerful Hero

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



Styx Training Center


Time: 3:00 AM

The black copter landed silently amidst the serene city of Paris. DX heaved himself off the seat. There was hardly place for one in the copter.

“This is your place sire… adieu!” Alice smirked happily. DX thought “adieu” means good night. The street around him looked grumpily serene. Before he could think of turning around and asking Alice, the copter lifted up and flew in magnificient speed.

A grumpy looking old man in heavy formals came from a corner

“holà” he said “You mus be D-X. bienvenu. Jacques Gabriel”

DX wished this guy would speak complete English. He nevertheless shook hands.

“Let me direct you to the trainin facility” he said “Its justh around the corner”

DX followed him cautiously suspecting he might be a Mystique terrorist after all. He didn’t even seem to have an ID card. But he looked too timid to be a terrorist.

“I thought Styx training would be a multinational corporate building. I expected too much” DX said gloomily

“It is!” Gabriel said. DX was surprised. There were no sky scrapers around. Gabriel took him to a car in a dark spot.

“Shh…” he said as he got in with DX.

“Mr. DX, Paris is crazy about you. If anybody locates you here, there will be a huge mob. Actress Haris Pilton already indicated a plan for a secret tape with you”

DX nodded guiltily. He  however loved being surrounded by mobs and autographs.

The car stopped suddenly. DX got down, a huge pyramidal building was in front of him. It was reflecting him. There were different colors on the layers of the pyramid.

“Wow!” DX thought. In front of him, a neon board glew.


Styx – Training Division

Louvre, Paris


DX was made to sit in the reception hall for a while. Suddenly a group of scientists came towards him. Some were pointing towards him. DX got up.

“holà DX” a scientist said brightly “Are you ready for uploading bio modules. HEY… u should have come in pyjamas”

DX was unsure of what he just heard. Bio-modules?

“I thought I was here for training” he said blankly.

“Oh no!” the scientist started as he forced DX’s necktie open. They dragged him in. They started stripping him. DX wanted to run off.

“Don’t fret” a guy from back said “We are doctors specialized for DX”

DX had a chill running inside him. There were doctors specialized for him.

They made him sit in a comfy bed surrounded with tools.

“What exactly am I doing naked in this bed?” DX shot. Few female scientists were looking amusedly at him. He felt shy. I am just another damn android he wanted to shout at them.

“We are going to install bio modules into your body!” a geeky scientist in the front spoke. He had huge black framed glasses. DX was surprised that people wore these glasses even these days.

“What are bio modules?” he asked

“Let me explain” a senior scientist spoke

 All gave way for him. His ID card was clearly visible.

Dr. Fermann Laudee

Nano-Genetic Research Head. Styx Corporation

“DX… though you are a very quick learner, there are many things that need to be learnt much sooner. These bio modules are pre fabricated for with neuro signals and nano-cerebellum data”

“Wow! That means you just plug in a bio-module and I learn karate?” DX asked in amazement “By the way, hello Dr. Fermann”

Fermann nodded and returned the greeting. He had a style that DX found amusing. He had a showman type.

“So… shall we start?” he asked DX enthusiastically.

 The geeky scientist bought a huge drilling sort of tool near DX. DX tried to move but he was caught stiff. The next moment, he felt an extreme pain. He fell unconscious.


DX woke up hazily. He felt it must have been just few minutes since he fell unconscious.

“bienvenu revers DX”

DX felt something strange. He said Welcome back DX. DX understood French! He felt like speaking in French

“remercier tu” DX responded “Wow! I can speak French”

“Not only that” Fermann said proudly “Using the bio module we installed just now, you can speak in 180 different languages around the world”

“Wow!” DX said “Even for my whole lifetime, I wouldn’t have been able to speak so many languages”

Before DX could try any other language, the geeky scientist bought the drilling machine again. DX closed his eyes as he yelled out a scream. It was horrible pain.


DX woke up feeling heavy.

“My eyes seem very heavy” DX said. To his surprise, he saw a transparent menu in his eyes with various options.

“You can close the menu by blinking left eye thrice” the geeky scientist screamed

DX did that first. It was ridiculous to him whatever that was. His vision became clear.

“What was that?” DX asked

“That was an operating system built into your brain. It can be used by you to manage all resources and abilities of your body”

DX was surprised. He blinked his left eye thrice again. The menu popped up again. He saw various actions.

“How do I control these?”

DX use your index finger as pointer and palms as the pad. DX did it. Indeed the pointer moved in the transparent menu.

“Hit your palm when an option that strikes important to you occurs. It will open up”

DX browsed

Special Abilities à Camera Eyes

“I chose the camera eyes option” DX said bemused

“Oh… wait a second… let me call Vidimus” Fermann said excited

DX couldn’t understand. Fermann took his cell phone and talked…

“Hello… is this Vidimus? The DX intercom is up and running. Check it out”

DX blinked his left eye thrice again to close again. He wanted to keep track of the geeky scientist and his drilling machine. He definitely didn’t want to go through that pain again.

“It is a video transmitter in your eyes that is connected to internet with a special satellite transmission code” Fermann pointed to DX

“Do you mean that people can watch what I watch? Who all are watching me?” DX asked authoritatively

“Not many… you can turn that off too!”

DX received a transparent message strip on top of his retina.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Hello DX, I am watching you through your camera eyes. How is your training?

“Not much going on here sir. But they are drilling the life out of me” DX said

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Good luck DX. Just bear for a while. You need to get equipped.

“Thanks sir” DX said

“Wow!  This is amazing technology. How could he connect to me?” DX asked

“Simple. They have a software called DX Cube to connect with you. No one else can either hear or intercept what they send to you. It is encrypted with Vernam cipher” the geeky scientist replied

“DX, you have a vocal interface to your hands too. You can turn the camera on by saying Camera On and turn it off by saying Camera Off” Fermann pointed

 “Be careful while using this technology. If people catch you using it, they will think you are a mad man talking to himself. We can’t hear or read the message you recieve” a lady scientist said from behind. DX felt awkward to reply to her. He wished either all women move away or he get dressed up.

“Now… for the next augmentation…” Fermann started

“Noooo” DX screamed “Not that drilling machine again”

“DX, relax, these are now upgrades to your physical body. No need of any drilling machines”

Fermann went to a terminal near DX and started operating something. DX felt the area around his bed producing sparks around him. After a while, it became so bright that he had to close his eyes. He felt little pricks over his body. He fell unconscious again. After few minutes, he opened his eyes. Everyone was dispersed.

DX was untied and dressed up in pajamas. He immediately got up and sat. The bed was highly uncomfortable.

Fermann was few meters away from him. He had a yellowish fluid in a glass held by his hands. DX guessed the smell to be mango juice.

“K2 says that you like Mango milk squash. Have it” Fermann quoted

DX felt very thirsty. He was about to get up and move up to him.

“No…” Fermann said “Just sit there and try to get this”

DX was bewildered. How could he get that?

“Throw it” he said bluntly

“It would spill. Why don’t you try Spiderman style?” Fermann said pointing the glass on a table.

DX whipped his hands forward and swiped it back. DX didn’t see any web coming out of his hands. But yet the glass moved towards him and spilled it all over his pajamas.

“Practice required. I didn’t expect you to do well for the first time” Fermann said handing a scrub paper to DX.

“How did that happen? I was able to pull an object towards me without a web”

“Actually, there are million nano threads emerging from your palms to attach with the target object you aim it at. You can turn it off too by saying Push Power Off. Better turn it off now as it consumes your bio energy”

INTERCOM: Vidimus: DX. Try pulling Ms. Jessica towards you for practice. She is a scientist just around the corner.

A clearly irritated DX bought his palms closer and said


A transparent screen in his retina showed a message that the two components were off and it went off.

“What is this bio energy? Are these components consuming my internal body energy?” DX asked concerned.

“DX, bio energy is not being sucked from your body, but infact it is obtained from the heat that your body generates” Fermann replied

Jessica came from the corner to Dr. Fermann. She had a brown pony tail and typically looked overworked.

“It is ready sir. The Hitler’s tongue”

Hitler’s Tongue! DX was unsure of what he heard.

Fermann made DX lie on his back and went back to the console again. Flashes of light surrounded DX as he went into anesthesia again.

When he woke up, he felt like retching. It was too much anesthesia for him for a night.  DX saw sun rise. Suddenly he looked at his watch. It was 10 am.

“Oh shit. It has been 7 hours” DX screamed only to blank walls. The room was empty. He wanted to move out but looking at a camera scanning the room above, he was sure that someone would wade in within a few seconds. The door pushed open and in came Dr. Fermann and Jessica with a wide smile.

Fermann had a huge mirror in his hands. DX for a while thought that they made him extremely handsome this time. The thought immediately vanquished as Fermann placed the mirror in front of him.

“What happened?” DX asked forgetting his memory “I had a heavy sleep”

“Apologies DX. These were the last bio-modules to install in you”

“What are they?” DX asked. He definitely did not feel anything new.

Jessica came forward and began explaining swaying her long hands in the air

“First is the oratory skill. The Hitler’s tongue as we call it. When you bring your palms together and say Orator On, extra stimulus from bio energy would flow into your cortex and Brocha areas of your brain. These areas represent language elements. You can speak like a great orator and capture anybody’s attention” she said

“Remember several complex fights can be resolved by proper speech. Use it when need arises”, Fermann quoted pointedly

DX nodded.

“And for the next bio-module was the best module we ever built for you… was present with you since your birth”

DX was bemused. His dad never told him anything about this.

“What is that? Oh… I get it, the DX chromosome. Exceptional mental ability” said DX. He was tired of hearing these since he felt conscious about the world.

Fermann gave a calm smile.

“Yeah, but I did not mean that. What I meant was your skin”

DX looked at his skin. It seemed normal to him. For a while he worried if his skin was manipulated like Spiderman or Hulk. He wanted to look like a human.

“It is infact a pre-fabricated skin designed by a Japanese scientist. It can act like a projector for an image. We just added nano-cameras to the skin layers, a technology that took us 8 years to develop. So the nano cameras on your front take the image on your front and project it backwards. The nano cameras on your back will take image from the back and project it front with appropriate orientation”

“Oh… god! You mean I can become invisible?” DX asked with excitement.

Fermann nodded.

“Just say Invisible On to your palms. We leave you here. In an hour, come to basement, we will test your skills in certain scenarios”

DX bolted the door behind them. He immediately undressed himself in front of the mirror. He bought his palms closer and wishpered…

Invisible On

His image disappeared. DX went sideways. Still he was not visible. It was a perfect projection system.

He bought back his palms and said…

Invisible Off

There was a knock at the door. DX turned that side.

“By the way DX, don’t keep Invisible on for a long time. It rapidly consummates Bio energy and then you will become visible again”

DX realized that they might have seen him through the camera on top. He immediately dressed up.


One hour later

Recruits Training Basement

Styx Training Division, Louvre, Paris

DX wasn’t given any special attire. He was sent to a lonely semi dark room with no windows. He had to keep his camera eyes on for the team to monitor him. Occasionally few candles lit the room. DX felt a little scared of ghosts. But still he kept on walking. Suddenly few people sprang from the corners with heavy rocket launchers pointing at him.

DX’s pre-fabricated skin is resistant to bullets. But rocket launchers can virtually rip him apart.

DX tried to remember the tools that he received today. He wanted to use either oratory skills. But the guys seemed too rough to listen to words. He decided to become invisible. He lifted his hands up and said…

Invisible On.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: You blew it DX. Raising your hands would make them suspicious and they would definitely attack you. You should have surrendered.

INTERCOM: Fermann: This test was to test if you are overwhelmed with technology that you got. There are situations where even you need to give up

Invisible Off.

DX found the remaining series of tests simple. At the end of the day, he was tired and famished.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: This the final test DX.

DX felt relived but still the tense of final test remained.

He was taken through the cab into a shooting studio. He was made to wear a huge hat and black goggles to avoid public detection in car. DX felt it was unnecessary as the windows were closed anyway and removed them.

He was landed on the back entrance gate of a huge building. There were gaurds beaming beacon lights on all places.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: DX, the objective is simple. You need to enter the top floor of the building. Avoid detection.

DX moved to a corner. He closely observed the beacons. There were 10 beacons practically monitoring a certain area. Breaking off seemed utmost stupid.

DX made quick calculations in his mind. He immediately undressed and kept his dress in a visible corner.

He bought his palms close to his mouth and said…

Invisible On

He ran as fast as he could. Upon reaching a remote wall of the building, he said…

Power of Force On

He aimed accurately and whipped his hands towards his clothes and dragged it back. The nano fibers connected with them and flew fast and fell before an invisible DX. DX looked around if any beacon noticed. They seemed to do their own jobs. He dressed up and said

Invisible Off

He became visible

[Using palms seems so stupid. Better use a speech recognizer na: Think Citation]

DX hid behind a huge barrel. He saw two people guarding the front door. He immediately used Power of Force to attach to the wall and started climbing up. The building was about 30 feet high. When DX was almost halfway, he got a shocking transparent message on his retina

Warning Bio-Energy Level Low. Power of Force shutdown in 20 seconds

20… 19…

DX had to do something. He couldn’t manage to get down so early. He saw a window few meters besides him. He reached it. Luckily the window was open.


DX barged in.

Power of Force Off

DX got a message in his retina

Load Bio-Energy from Backup?

DX said “Yes”

Suddenly DX saw a woman infront of him in her lingerie.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Oooooh… A toast DX

She was about to scream. DX immediately said

Orator On

“Listen Lady, I am not going to hurt you. I am just gonna leave. If you scream, police will barg into your house and destroy everything. If you don’t I just leave”

She looked out and then remained calm.

DX slowly came out of the room.

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Wow, that was not a part of the test. Excellent DX

“Thanks” DX said

Orator Off

DX got inside the lift

INTERCOM: Vidimus: Success DX. Now come to Terrace directly.

DX entered the terrace. He saw two copters with Vidimus and Fermann waiting outside. They had palmtops in their hand and a wide smile

“Is that DX Cube software on your palmtop”

“Yes… of course” Vidimus said

Camera Off DX said

“DX, can you stand besides the first copter with Alice? We need to talk about your performance”

Alice was reading some book inside the copter. She was unaware of DX’s presence.

DX tried to peep the cover page of book. It depicted a girl in erotic pose.

“What is this?” DX asked her

She closed the book with a start and placed it in her bag

“Oh… nothing, just depicting the female body” she said

DX felt it nothing big. He learnt the female body completely in human anatomy section of Learning Center [citation needed: what should be DX’s learning center called?)

Fermann and Vidimus went to a corner far enough from DX.

“So” Fermann said “How would you rate the performance of DX after installing bio modules?”

“The bio modules are fine” Vidimus said smiling “It’s the attitude of DX that makes me worry…”

“Yeah… I get it. He has a win-win attitude” Fermann said

“Hmm. He failed in the first test. DX won’t surrender to anyone. Can this fault be solved?”

“Impossible” Fermann said “DX is completely integrated and grown now. The only way we can solve this trouble is either by manually explaining him or... inform him when the situation comes”

Vidimus nodded.

“But I feel particularly happy that DX is able to show his abilities in solving missions. I would soon send a statement about DX’s performance to Styx Global. His missions can start next month” Vidimus said

They went towards the copter.

DX and Alice were engrossed in the book.

“What are you both reading?” Vidimus asked from a distance.

“Biological cross gender anatomy intersection” DX replied still gazing on the book.

Vidimus didn’t understand a word.

“Hey Alice” he said “Take DX to his home”


The two copters lifted off silently from the tower and swept off into darkness.

© Copyright 2017 ShyamBharath. All rights reserved.


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