Gripping On To The Truth

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012



Jays POV ( that's right, heees baackk)

I really couldn't help but feel bad. That's girl was strong, and she threw everything at me. And I reflected it right back. That's what we do, you see. We don't have powers, just our minds. We are trained to block and reflect. Well, a few other things to, but that's the major.

"Yo, man. What's up?" Josh asked. I was jerked back into the present.

"Oh. Nothing. Don't worry about it." He gave me a look but didn't say anything. He didn't know about any of this. So ignorant. So lucky.

I didn't really like hurting people. At heart, I was a softie. Honest. It was my brothers fault that I did any of this. That's a lie. It's his fault. He's the one that killed my brother. My hero.

My brother did some bad things in his time. Many bad things. He was in a gang. He wasn't afraid to hurt someone, someone who snuck up on him, even if they didn't mean to. No, he wasn't afraid to stab someone.

Let me explain myself. My brother, Owen, was walking home from a party. A drunk man came out from an alley behind him and bumped into him. Owen reacted by pulling out his knife. Before he could do anything, however, another man came out and stabbed my brother first.

The drunk man was one of those people with powers.

The murderer was Alec. The Alec.

I will get vengeance.


Fyre's POV

"Beacause I'm crazy, baby!" I leapt off the couch.

"What did you say your problem was?" Alec asked.

"Your just jealous of my awesomeness!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Nice socks!"

"What?" Alec glanced down.

"Hey Alec, did you know that gullible and orange sound the same if you say them really slowly?" Marie piped up.

"Guullliiibbbllleee. Ooorrraannngggee. No they dont." He retorted, obviously confused.

"Idiot." Marie and I said at the same time. We both doubled over laughing.

"Hey guys, guess what?" I asked. "I love m&m's!"

"We know. You've had like three packages." Marie said.

Bring, Bring.

"The phones ringing." I said. Alec sighed.

"I can hear that Fyre."

"Oooh. Can I get it?"

"Fine. Whatever." he rolled his eyes. I leapt up and dived for the phone.

"Hheellloo?" I said.



Okay! Before anyone says anything, I had to end it like that. I couldn't write the next part because it would be a MAJOR cliffhanger. Like none you've ever seen before... It for your own good!!!! Oh yeah, sorry for the late update, but I hope I made up for it with Jay. :P Danke!!!

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