Gripping On To The Truth

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

Submitted: November 18, 2012

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Submitted: November 18, 2012



"What's for dinner?" I yelled down the stairs. 

"Whatever your making!" Alec shot back. 

"Loser. You got any spaghetti noodles?"

"Nada. You ok with running downtown?" 

I made my way down the stairs. Yelling was beginning to hurt my throat. 

"Dude, do we even live near a town? I have literally no idea where I am by the way." 

Alec laughed. 

"Yeah we are only a five minute drive from town. My keys are in the counter." I nodded. 

I grabbed the keys off the counter, without looking at them, and stepped into the garage. 

I was immediately enveloped by blackness. I felt around the door and finally found the switch.

Flicking the light on, I gasped. Not even five feet away from me, was the car of my dreams. I actually think I've had dreams about this car. A Porsche Carrera. Silver paint sparkling in all it's glory. 

I whistled and ran my hand over it. Whoa baby. I'm in love. I opened the door and slipped in, closing the door as gently a possible. You don't slam this cars doors. I put the key in the ignition and started the car. 

That was the day my heart melted. That sound was sweeter than my late grandmothers cheesecake. And trust me, that shit is sweet. 

I flicked the switch on the remote I found on the passenger seat and the garage opened. I began my heavenly drive to town. 


"I'm sexy and I know it!" I sang along to the lyrics in the grocery store. Well, according to everyone's faces, wailed along. 

" Where the hell do they keep the noodles?" I asked, to no one in particular. 

"The noodle isle." Some random person answered. 

"Ohh, well. They should put them in a better place than that." I retorted.  Let me tell you, that earned a few stares. 

I scanned all the isles until I finally found the noodles. They were in the noodle isle, in case your wondering. 

I waited in line for ten minutes, while this little old lady slowly put one item on the counter at a time. Geeze lady! All I had to buy was a package of spaghetti noodles, whereas you decided you needed the entire store. 

I finally reached the till, paid, and grabbed my noodles. I stepped out of the grocery store and looked around. Where did I park the car? Oh, right, just around the corner. I walked over to where I had left the car and was about to unlock it, when a voice stopped me. 

"Long time no see, dearie."



Hey!! Three guesses who it is! Yeah, you'll probably guess right. Sorry for the cliffy, I know MyHeartIsARadio will looovvvee it (note the sarcasm). Just wanted to mention to anyone with Wattpad, that I do also have an account on there. Same username, I'm not as far into my stories on there, but all my chapters are prewritten (obviously) so I won't take long to upload. But yeah, just so you know:)





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