Gripping On To The Truth

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Ugh I really don't want to write this chapter. I wish I could skip it. This chapter makes me so disappointed in my character. But it must be done *sigh*. Just don't hate me for anything that happens in this chapter. Btw, this chapter will be exciting( hopefully) but it will(hopefully) make you say 'seriously?! She just did that?' Well, no pain, no gain, so here we go...

I waited till Marcie was asleep. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I couldn't live in fear. I know that letting this be, would cause endless nights of worry, fear of being hurt, like before. I had to do this. I had to be strong.

I quietly got out of bed and walked over the laminate flooring in my room. I silently slipped open the door and walked down the hall. I opened Marcie's door and looked in. She was snoring loudly and was sprawled out on her bed. I walked over and kneeled down, placing my hands on her head. I took a deep breath.

Marcie's mind was... Amazing. It was so clear and, well, happy. I didn't know how anyone could be so happy. Guilt clenched in my stomach. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

I searched mind. Any thought about my abilities I quickly got rid of. Even feelings of discomfort around me. These feelings disheartened me. I'll admit, I loved Marcie. I wished with all my heart that I didn't have to do this. But I did.

It took me at least two hours to finally be confident that I had removed all the thoughts. I was so exhausted. I stood up slowly and immediately collapsed to my hands and knees. I took short, raspy breaths. I looked up to see the room around me blur and spin. I felt like I was stuck in an underwater current. I could see the top, the sunlight, but I just couldn't reach it.

Finally my eyes locked on to one thing. The door.

I slowly began crawling towards it. Every inch I could feel myself closer and closer to passing out. Finally, I reached the door. I stretched my hand upwards and felt the cold, metal doorknob. Somehow, I managed to turn it and open the door.

I don't remember crawling to my room. I think I passed out a few times. All I know is that I woke up, sprawled across my floor.

I groaned and looked up at my alarm clock. Eight o'clock. I slowly rose to my knees and mentally did a once-over of my body. The only noticeable after-effects. Just a killer headache. I felt hung over. I groaned again and dragged myself to my feet.

I walked over to my closet and grabbed a random t-shirt and skinny jeans. The t-shirt was blue with elastic around the bottom and baggy everywhere else. I threw my hair into a ponytail and put on a choker. I didn't bother with makeup. It's not like I want people to notice me anyway.

Downstairs, I could hear Marcie making breakfast. I took a deep breath and ventured down. Time to find out if this pounding headache was for nothing.

"Good morning, Marcie." I said cautiously.

" Morning, dear." She responded, turning towards me. Her eyebrow knitted together in confusion."That's funny, I almost remember something happening last night. An argument or something, but I just can't remember."

"Hmm, that is funny. I don't remember anything." I said, sighing inwardly with relief.

"Well if we both can't remember, it must not have been that important." She resolved."I made pancakes and eggs for us"

"Sorry Marcie. I have to leave for school early this morning. I-I have to study for a big test." I could sense her skepticism, but she only answered with a nod.

I started lacing up my boots, which is a good ten minutes in itself. I reached up and grabbed my jacket from the silver hanger. Wait, silver? I could've swore it was gold before. I shrugged it off, maybe I was still a bit delusional after last night.


I rested my head on my desk and groaned, closing my eyes. I needed an Advil or something, my head hurt so much right now, that I just wanted to bang it against a wall, which didn't make sense because then it would hurt more.

I opened my eyes and saw something white, right in front of my face. A note. I sat up and opened it.

Hey! Are you feeling ok? You look sick or something. Anyway, I need to talk to you after school. Meet me in the parking lot. Jay.

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