Royal Blue: Book 1

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Familarity

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



***Mist's POV***

I nibbled on my lower lip nervously as Caine went on talking. I had no clue what to say or even how to act! I felt panic ease in with the butterflies in my stomach. What if he thought I was dumb? Caine calmly smiled and chuckled at my stuttered replies. The girls in the class were taking notice and even if I knew, not everybody was looking at me I felt they were.

My cheeks were in a permanent flush. Why couldn't this torture end? I felt like I usually did when I sat alone. Like a humiliated freak. Caine is so normal compared to me. I felt alone even with Caine with me. I blinked back tears and I snapped at myself mentally. You aren't weak!

"Then, I slammed into the poor kid." He was saying and I winced. I'm five foot and three inches but the guy he was talking about is super short and skinny. I felt bad for him and Caine laughed, "He ended up crying."

No doubt. I felt fury rise in me like it usually did when the weak were picked on. "That's not very funny." I told him shortly and turned away. I felt his warm hand on my shoulder and I barely stifled the gasp I so wanted to let out. His touch, even through clothing, was shocking. Like lighting. Caine sucked in a quick breath and pulled back. Did he fill it too?

"I know. I wasn't really sure what kind of things you think are funny." He mumbled, "To tell you the truth, I felt really guilty."

"Did you apologize?" I asked unsure of what else to do.

"Huh? No." He mumbled and I turned around to see his face bright red. I saw shame in his eyes and I smiled gently at him.

"You should. It'll make you feel better to own up to your mistakes." I told him. He nodded and the bell rang. I gathered my things and Caine cleared his throat. He looked endearingly cute with his now nervous expression, "What?"

"Do you want to sit with me at lunch?" He asked. I considered. His friends were kind of noisy and the girls there were mean. I frowned. I didn't really want to sit there. I was the type of person to do what I felt like then and there. I mentally cursed myself as the words slipped from my mouth.

"No, thank you." I wanted to take them back but I felt the rising fear that if I did so I'd look like a bigger fool. I looked up at him, my cheeks flushing. He's so tall. I had to crane my neck up to see him and I didn't like it.

"Why not?" He asked not ready to give up. I considered on what I should tell him. I decided on the truth.

"I don't like your group of friends." I said simply. He looked taken aback and I cursed myself. I had ruined my only chance to be accepted, hadn't I?

"Then, we can sit alone together." He said. I solemnly nodded.

"Find me later." I said and scurried off. I couldn't get out of there faster.


I placed my books into my locker and grabbed my lunch bag. When, I shut my locker Caine popped up like a ghost. I jumped and settled myself before I screamed.

"Hi there." He said and all I could do was look up. He looked down and I was amazed at the height difference.

"So where are we going?" I finally asked. He grinned at me.

"It's a secret." He said and I nodded. Whatever floats his boat. He grabbed for my hand. Well, and my boat, too. My fingers tingled as he lightly gripped my hand.

As we walked through the halls people stopped to stare. The girls glared at me and the boys had puzzled expressions on their faces. Why would the blue chick be with Mr. Perfect? I, myself, had trouble answering that question.

We didn't have an indoor cafeteria. It was outdoors only because in California, the weather is great. I've never liked the sun. I'd made a habit of staying indoors and staying pale white.

Caine led me through the benches and tables of kids. I got the same treatment as before and Caine didn't seem to mind. His table called for him but looking at me, he ignored them.

I felt butterflies rise again. As we walked a farther distance from the cluster of tables on campus, I tripped nervously. He seemed to catch me on instinct. I smiled up at him feeling weak from the pounding sun. He smiled at me, but I couldn't see his eyes from the sun's glare.

We continued on until we came up to a gate. He helped me climb over and he jumped over. I had no qualms about leaving campus without permission and neither did he.

Behind the gate was a small patch of trees that was about three acres if I remembered correctly. Caine skillfully guided me through the forest and I felt giddy as we finally reached our destination.

A blue pond. It was a beautiful clear color that, nowadays, was hard to come by. There was a bench next to the lake and Caine took me closer. Fish swam to and from in the pond and one flicked its tail at me, causing water to plop up. I chuckled.

"This is amazing." I whispered. I'd always feel rejuvenated by being close to large quantities of water. Besides my adoptive parents, water was one of my favorite things in this world. Caine smiled at me. I grinned at him.

"I come here to be alone. Nobody knows about this place except my uncle, me and now you." He said and I looked at him confused. Why had he taken me here? I voiced my question roughly.

"Because, Mist." He began, "I feel as if I've known you all my life."



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