Royal Blue: Book 1

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Kirak

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Submitted: January 17, 2012



***Caine's POV***

Most know me as the popular guy who was oddly kind and smart. A guy who could get anyone. Totally untrue. I felt my thoughts wander to Mist. She had seemed so angry and I had no clue how to react to the talk, I just had with my uncle.

I stared into the mirror and splashed cold water onto my face. I felt the confusion fade into frustration. Not was this happening, but I also felt a big gaping hole in my memory. The strange part of it was that I felt the hole close as I touched Mist.

I shook my head. Don't think about it, I told myself. The problem was, though, that I couldn't take my mind away from her.

I exited my bathroom and I stalked into the living room. With my older brother, Gareld, away, the house I lived in seemed a lot more lonely. Sometimes I couldn't handle the feeling. My parents had died doing something. My uncle had never been very clear as to what happened.

I grabbed my coat from the closet by the door and I left the house. I would most likely go to my friend Billy's house like I usually did. He had told me after lunch that his cousin was coming to live with him. The problem being that I was so preoccupied with Mist that I hadn't heard who it was.

Opening the front door of his house, I knew it would alright doing so. I had gone here so often that his family had become like a second family.

I walked into the living room totally unprepared for the sight and emotions that came with it. Before me the Benson family gathered, around a deeply tanned figure with ash blonde hair and charcoal colored eyes. I felt instant dislike. A strong desire swept through me and I wanted to physically hurt this guy.

The stranger looked up with narrow hooded eyes. Billy, a red-head with brown eyes, also looked up.

"Oh, It's you. Caine meet my cousin, Kirak."

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