The cold hearts

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Welcome to hell

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



I wake up with a slight pounding in my head, but i felt no pain from it. Sitting up i reliezed that it wasnt my head that the pounding was coming from, but the door to our room. The banging continued but the door was unlocked, rubbing the sleep from i eyes i called out with a small voice,


"Open up, I brought you breakfast." The voice was a low growl of a voice, one that i had never heard before, slowly i opened the door to peer out, but had to lift my gaze up, and up, and up of the tallest man i have ever seen, he smelled of cinnimon and man. As he'd said, he was carrying a big tray of food in both hands, which explained him being unable to open the door. "Well? Can i come in?"

Not knowing what to say i stepped back, draggin the door open with me to let him in. I watched as he ducked under the door frame, again showing his great size.

"Sorry about the pounding, i had to wake you two up somehow, you were sleeping like the dead, ya?" He grinned at me, his teeth stark white against the contrast of his very tanned skin as he sat down in the chair next to the bed. "Sorry, I'm gunna hide out here for a while, i came to visit and they send me straight to work." Settling onto the bed i reached over to wake Dalia up, and took a plate he offered, "By the way, I'm Constentin River, and you are....?" He promted me.

"I'm Karan Vanlara, thats Dalia." I said, pointing to her as she stretched her arms over her head, her hair sticking out in all directions. I silently started to eat my food, and looked up at Constentin, studding his features, his jaw strong and squared, looked to be freshly shaved his hair was a long blond, small strands of red firey hair intangled within his blonde waves as well. His eyes were the brightest shade of blue i've ever seen, almost a crystal gray blue

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