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Brea Black has found herself in a difficult situation. She’s a normal girl, that she knows, but as for her life…well that’s a different story. All her life she’s lived in Texas and always moved from place to place, never once staying at a school for two years. This year during her last year of High school she moves to Austin Texas with her father, who happens to be a manager of an engineer company that resides in Texas. The two own a nice home in a residence called Summerlyn, a new home development that is out on the country side between Leander and Liberty Hill. Its summer, just a few days before school as Brea explores her new home. Just behind her new house resides an Oakmont where the trees intertwine in an intricate pattern, one that strangely resembles a gate. It seems Summerlyn is holding a secret, and now Brea is finding herself surrounded by creatures that she once thought were merely fairy tales. Things are no longer what they seem..

This is my first time posting a story involving fairy so criticism is a must. I need to know if the beginning needs more work or if it’s fine the way it is.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Preface

Submitted: March 25, 2010

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Submitted: March 25, 2010






A world that once was closed to the human mind

Is now opening again for the us to see.

The nymph laughed as she danced around the small band, her green dress twirling about as the other fair folk joined in. The smell of fresh flowers and sweet pollen float along the breeze as the dancing fay passed by Brea, causing the girl to instantly smile as she continued to sing.

Ever since she was a child she always felt different.

Her mother, tall and elegant was charming and honest to the end. Out of her family, it was her mother that seemed to be the only one who understood Brea the most.

When she was little she remembered her mother always wearing a pendant, one that gleamed in the one light and held a strange glow about it. Before her mother had died she had made a similar pendant as well, and told her to never lose her charm under any circumstance.

Now here in the present, she still held onto the pendant like a lifeline. Though she always kept it with her, she never understood why her mother was so cautions about her losing it. She hadn't realized it until she had discovered this place. This place that was filled with wonder and life. One that was completely different from ours but still so close.

From the corner of her eye, Brea could see the merpeople sitting at the edge of the man-made pond. Their tails glistened in the moonlight like a silver flash as they watched the others dance into the glittering night.

Singing, she began to drift with the melody as the other fays continue to dance, all of them laughing and having a good time. She was too lost in her own haunting melody to even realize what was lurking in the shadows until it was too late.

With a shrill cry from a nearby brownie, the fairies turned to see the shadow creatures already ripping an unlucky pixie in half.

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