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Ashton is finally graduated school, and now she can go and follow her dreams. She imagines beaches, and hot guys, and all she really wants to do is surf.

But with people telling her she needs to do something with her life, will she cave under their harsh words or will she follow her dreams?

A tongue biting adventure of growing up, seeing reality and following your heart and dreams.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Surf

Submitted: March 02, 2014

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Submitted: March 02, 2014



Chapter 1:

I walked through the crowd and thanked people who congratulated me and smiled at people who hugged me. Many of them I didn’t know or didn’t remember. They were just people my parents had invited to my grad party.

When I finally got to the snack and drink bar I poured myself a cup of coke and sat down on a lawn chair on the deck. I stared out into the horizon as the people around me chatted. I imagined myself bathing in the sun on a beach which is exactly where I soon would be.

The very next day I would be on my way to California LA. I would miss the cold Canadian snow but I couldn’t wait for the warm sun and sandy beaches. My plane left at 5 o’clock the next morning and my bags were already all packed.

The sun slowly went down, and people slowly left. Soon enough I was snuggled down in my bed in my room for the last time, because when I left my parents planned to turn my room into an office.

When I woke up the next morning the smell of bacon wafted into my room. I drowsily got out of bed and went downstairs in my pjs. When I got downstairs the table was set with pancakes bacon hash browns and eggs.

My younger sister Mia and my parents Jane and Luke were already sitting at the table.

My sister laughed ‘Have you looked in the mirror yet this morning?’ I glanced in the mirror on the far wall. My dirty blonde hair looked like a family of birds slept in it, and I looked wiped. "oh dear." I mumbled.

I sat down and dished up. "Thanks guys." I smiled.

"Welcome" they chorused.

When we all finished eating Mia put the dishes in the dishwasher and I went to get ready.

I hopped in the shower in hopes of taming my crazy hair a bit. After I showered I put on comfy clothes for the plane ride and put some nicer clothes in my carry-on bag to change into before the plane landed.

I put some makeup on and put my bags by the door. I glanced at the clock. It read 4:10. I ran upstairs put on my shoes and called to my parents "mom, dad we need to go!"

I heard fast footsteps and soon enough everyone was at the door with me ready to go.

We all hopped in the car together and it was a silent ride to the airport. When we arrived and put my suitcases on the carousel it was 4:30. I had a half hour to say goodbye to my parents and sister. There was lots of hugging and tears and that half hour went way too fast.

Soon enough I was on the plane taking off and looking down out the window at the airport below me. Shivers of excitement and nervousness ran down my spine. Here I was following my dreams that I’d had since I was 12 years old.

I fell asleep and woke up only about an hour before I got off the plane.

When I stepped out of that plane I was so excited. Beaches, sun, new people, surfing, all my dreams coming true.

I glanced around the airport for the girl who was supposed to meet me. I was supposed to stay with her until I could get my own place set up. When I caught a glimpse of a striped shirt and brown hair I knew it was her.

She skipped over to me and hugged me ‘hi, I'm Linzy!" she squeaked.

I smiled at her. "I'm Ashton."

"oh, sorry I'm just really excited.’ She said calmer.

"Haha its fine." I laughed

She grabbed one of my bags and helped me carry it out to her car. She was driving a black on black mustang. ‘I love your car’ I murmured

"ha thanks!’ she laughed ‘it was a 16th birthday present!"

"Lucky you, I got a car air freshener and a note that said ‘better start saving!’ on it"

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