Meeting Silverstein for the first time

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This is my first time ever Writing fan fiction. This is only an introduction to my story.

Read it if you a fan of SILVERSTEIN'S.

The story is about, How Lexie got to meet her favorite band Silverstein. Will she ever get Shane Told or no? Read it to find out!

I will post a new chapter when I get it written.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Meeting Silverstein for the first time

Submitted: October 28, 2012

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Submitted: October 28, 2012



Disclaimer:  This is PURE FICTION. I don’t know any the celebrities personal. I would love to meet them but like I said before. I really love reading stories on fan fiction of how they meet all the celebrities, so I figured that I would attempt or try to write a story of my own of me meeting my favorite band SILVERSTEIN. Please Email me at and give me your feedback on how I am doing, and what you don’t like about it.


Authors Information: My name is Lexie. I was born in West Virginia. I am 28 and turning 29 on Nov. 14th of 2012. I currently live in Frederick, MD.




When I was 25 years old, I began to get into a band called Silverstein. In November of this year I heard their song “A Hero Loses Everyday”. It was because I was in a terrible car accident that after and while I was recovering from my injuries I felt as if I really did lose everything. On a rainy, night I was hit by a drunk 19 year old kid head on. Before this night, I had a great boyfriend that at the time I was so blindly in love with, but was getting over a major heartache and broken heart. I had a great family, friends, a scholarship to our community college here where I live which is at Frederick, MD, and a great job After Lexie was released to go home from the hospital she knew at the time had no car, but yet still didn’t know why or how. The next day, her mom sat her down and showed her all the articles and told her what happened. A couple of months go by, Lexie’s memory came back, and things weren’t looking good for her. She found out, that all because of this accident she lost her all, which was keeping her together, of playing soccer. This whole time she kept telling everybody that she would be back playing soccer in no time at all. That day, Lexie decided to go outside and get some fresh air by getting the mail. There was something in there; she didn’t want to look at. She knew it was from school, and knew it was about her scholarship but was really hoping she still could keep it. She went back inside, and opened it, and it read:

Dear Lexie,

I am sorry at this time, because of all the doctors’ requests that you have losted your scholarship to attend at this college. If you want to keep attending here you need to start paying for your courses either out of pocket, and apply with finical aid. If you have any questions or concerns please call (555)555-5676.

Thank you,

Frederick Community College


It really hit Lexie that she losted that to, what else is she going to lose? She knew she could always turn to her iPod for strength, she turned it on and started to listen to Silverstein’s song called A hero loses everything, because she felt as if she was really losing everything and she could relate to this song personal and mental

A few Years go by, and life was really turning into her favor, to the point everything did start to fall back into place. Her birthday was right around the corner. She was getting another year older and wiser. On her birthday she got everything she wanted, but the one thing she did want wasn’t there. She knew her favorite band was coming to town that weekend, and she knew her older brother was half way across the world, fighting a terrible war, and knew he couldn’t be there, but he always makes sure, since he lefted, he send her something special in the mail. The next day, Lexie woke up, and did her normal wake up rotueteen. She went to work, depressed and lonely, but always had some kind of smile on her face. She came home and checked the mail again; there was something in there from Iraq. She opened it up excitedly, and in there was 2 tickets, 2 backstage passes, and special note from her brother. It read:

Dear Lexie,


I hope you are taking good care of yourself. You know I am miles away, and unfortunately I won’t able to take you personally, to see your favorite band. I know how much your love all their songs, and how much it means to you personally and mentally. I miss you tons, and I hope you have fun, and a very happy probably late birthday I am not sure at this time, if this will make it to you before then, but I am being very hopeful right now. I love you with all my Heart. I will see you soon.


Love you,



After she read this she, immediately picked up her cell phone and called her best friend in the whole world, asking if she could go. Lexie already knew immediately Heidi would say, of course. Saturday night, couldn’t get here fast enough, but it did. Saturday she woke up, all happy and giddy. She knew what this day would mean to her, but she didn’t know about her big old surprise, that her brother had in store for her. She knew it’s been forever since he last seen her, but didn’t know he was on his way there, to meet and see her at the concert that night. It was about 8 pm, when Silverstein got up on stage, and opened up with their song of “The artist”. A few more songs were done, but Shane said, I have read this story online, that was posted from a fan. At this time, she knew what song they were going to sing, but he went on, he said I really did like it, and very impressed by it. I have this feeling that this fan and writer is in the audience, tonight, and if she is, I would like to say, it hit me hard to know, how our songs really do hit fans like you. I would like to give a big introduction to my newest favorite on line fiction story author, Lexie Kepple. I have a little surprise in store for you, but let me get to this song first. It’s called “In Memory of”. After that song, he said, Lexie are you here tonight?...Lexie started to freak out, and screaming really loudly. The lights went right at her, and found her. Shane then said come on here I have a big surprise for you right before we get to our next song. She started to walk up, to the stage, and Shane, helped her up there. He said you have an older brother that has been in Iraq for the past few years’ right? Lexie then said yes I do. He sent me tickets, to see you guys live for the first time, for my birthday, a few days ago. Shane said, well are you ready for your surprise then? She looked at him, and looked really nervous, of what really was going to happen. Shane said, this gentleman, Scott is here tonight, I have personally met him. He called me a couple of days ago, from you guys cousin Jt woodruff from Hawthorne Heights, and told me about, that no one in your family can surprise you and that you are the most hardest person to. So he is here right now, would you like for me to bring him out guys? All the silverstein fans screamed as loud as they could. He walked out on stage. Lexie turned around and ran over and hugged him, and literately started to cry in his arms, all her happy tears. Shane then walked over to them, and asked, her why her favorite song was A hero loses everything? She looked up and said, Shane it was because a few years ago, I was involved in a bad accident and was badly injured in. While I was recovering from those, well I started to lose my everything, and the lyrics of the song touched me mentally, and physically. He turned towards her, said also I heard you have a big crush on me right? Lexie looked shocked and said yes, a big one to. He started to sing her favorite song A hero loses everything, having Shane senates her the whole time. After that song, Lexie and Scott were escorted backstage.


After Silverstein finished performing, They walked up to her and huged her. She thanked them, and stood there not look stupid and talked to them for what it seemed forever. After the other guys except for Shane, walked away, he had more in common then he thought. Right before shane began to walk away, he decided he really liked this girl, and she was hot as hell, so he wanted to know more, and talk to her more. So he turned to her and said I would really like to talk to you more, do you think it’s okay if have your number? Lexie blushed and said yes of course. She said was 301-555-5679. He called that so she would have his. He then turned to her and said that it was really nice to meet you both, but I have to run. I really look forward to talking more with you later Lexie. Thanks for all you do Scott. Scott said anytime, and said thanks for your help man. Shane said I love meeting my fans, so it’s wonderful to meet you both again. He then turned to walked away. Lexie looked over and made sure he was far enough away so he couldn’t hear what she was about to say next. Lexie turned to her brother and said Wow, what a night, what a night, I feel like I am on cloud 9 again, and in love again already, and I don’t even know this guy, but what I saw I am in love with him already. They went home, and Scott walked in and said wow, it still smells and looks the same as it did when I lefted. Lexie turned around and said mom wouldn’t have it any other way. He said I am exhausted, and I am going to bed, is that okay with you? Lexie took a few minutes to answer him, and said yes that’s fine. He kissed her on the head, goodnight little sis, see ya in the morning. Lexie stood at the door amazed of the night and what happened for what it seemed like forever, when it was only for 5 minutes. Her phone began ringing, and she looked down it, and saw it was the man of her dreams.  She picks up her phone and said Hello; Shane said Hi there beautiful, I just was just making sure that you made it home okay? She said yeah, I have been home for about 5 minutes now. Shane said I am glad to hear that, I was just checking on to make sure that you got home okay, but you sound exhausted so I just let you go. She said I am but it’s okay, I am not all the tired feeling yet. They contuined to talk for about 2 more hours, and decided to hang up and go to bed.

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