I'm Not Dead

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: October 28, 2012

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Submitted: October 28, 2012



I'm not alone.I glanced around me as I stepped into the lunchroom. Richardo had one side and Richard the other. I've taken to calling Richard "Rich" or RJ because he's a junior. "How was you're first week?" Richardo asked. I ignored them bother, opting for the line. They followed me, seeming obviously to my mood, which, despite it all, was neutral, hanging on happy.

"It was okay. I have few classes with Ashley, which surprised me. I didn't know I was smart enough to get into a college class, but it turns out I was wrong." I felt him smile at my back and my lips twitched in response. I was begining to like RJ more and more. He actually made it to my porch steps a few nights past. We talked a minute and joked about me protecting myself against boys with "bad intentions". He asked where my dad went. I told him he died a few years back in 9-11. His eyes fell down and I shrugged, saying it wasn't a big deal. He was never much of a father to begin with.

"But you have nobody." he said.

I shook my head. "I have Richardo. And now, I have you." I smiled a little at him and he grinned back. Maybe he was starting to like me. We said bye and went our separate ways. I locked up. He dropped by the next morning to bring me to school.

"What do you think, Ashley?" Richardo asked, bringing me back to the present.

"About what?" I asked, paying for the measly meal provided by the school. I found the usual table and nobody was there yet. I took the seat at the head of the oval table, Richardo and RJ taking the seats to the left and right of me. They have become my personal body guards; Richardo having been there since the begining and RJ just taking the role, like a knight in shinning armour. The thought had me chuckling a little. Knight in shinning armour? What am I, tweleve? Ludicris!

Richardo rolled his eyes. "Mrs. Allisons eyes. Who who!" He said, mimicking an owl. I actually smiled, having thought the same thing myself multiple times while sitting in her Brit. Lit. class. "She agrees!" It grew silent.

RJ ate his sandwich while Richardo stuck the vegitarian part of the meal. Freak. I mowed through the burger and drank the milk and when I was finished, RJ took my plate. We sat there and realized our friends were else where. "What the...?" I said, dropping the sentence off.

"You're telling me." Richardo said looking around. RJ sat back down at the super-super-senior made himself present.

"Hello, wienies." he said, his henchmen laughing, like it was some kind of joke. Right, old joke. We ignored him and carried on our conversation from a few days ago about the difference between this school and RJ's old school. RJ caught on and made some junk up, because we had already heard about all the differences. "I'm talking to you, fags!" he shouted.

"Why don't we go somewhere where the smell isn't so nasty?" RJ said, grabbing my arm. Richardo took the other.

"Protecting that worthless piece of trash?" Davie commented. "Her mother doesn't want her, Richard, Why don't you come hang out with me some time? Why would want something a mother couldn't want?" When he got no reply his voice rose. "She's disgusting! She's only alive because her mother was raped!" RJ's arm tighted. "Her dad killed himself! He could have left the building as soon as the plane hit, but he didn't! He didn't even want her! Isn't that pathetic? I'll be waiting for you, Richard. I'll be waiting for you not to want to her either.." his voice drifted off. RJ whipped me around and hugged me. I stood there, limp. Richardo tapped RJ's shoulder.

"You didn't need to hear any of that." Richardo said to RJ. "Don't let that affect you're opinon of Ashley."

"It doesn't. Past mistakes and other people made Ashley who she is. That douche bag didn't."

I looked at RJ. "Yea, he made me who I am today. You don't know my whole story, Richard."

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