I'm Not Dead

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 28, 2012



We set a date. The very first Saturday of November Richardo and RJ came over to hear my story. I gave them each a can of soda and left some chips on the coffee table. Most of the lights were off to save some money. "So." RJ began. "You're story?"

"Yea, my story." I looked to Richardo and RJ, who had been there with me for months, weeks in RJ's cases but still. He's been there for me more than my own mother has. "Sure, yea. Lets begin with my mom. Her name is Heather Olsen. My father's name is Barry Burns. They met when they were teens but never really new each other. My mom was snooty and hated my dad for the simple fact he didnt have a car or designer clothes. You see, there was a class differences between my mom and dad.

"Anyway, my mom did her thing, my dad his. My dad worked on my mom's cars and was just inlove with her beauty. Blue eyes and wavy blonde hair, trim waist, long, long legs in four inch heels with a poodle skirt. That was style, you know? One day, after their senior year, my dad just walked right up my mom's dad and asked if he could take her out. My grandfather looked at my father and said, 'If she says yes than you can take her out. But no fooling around with her in a backseat somewhere.' My dad simple shoot his head, or so he says, and asked my mom out.

"She said no and that was the end of that. A few years later, as it's told, my mom showed up at the garage crying. My dad, being the man that he was, asked what the matter was. My mom cried and told him how her parents had kicked her out because she was raped and ended up pregnant. Her parents said she was still the heir to the "throne" but she had to raise me till I could take care of myself.

"My dad married my mother, and they raised me. Since I could understand my mother hated me. She let me sit in soiled diapers. I had a nanny and the nanny stayed long enough to potty-train me and get me to be civilized. From there my mother abused me. Hit me whenever she got the chance. Made me clean up messes I hadn't even made. Made me where dirty clothes unless I did my own laundry. Even then, I was not to wash my clothes in her washer or dry them in her dryer. My dad was never home but when he was my mother pampered me. Or pampered in my abused mind. I got to sit at the table with them and the housekeeper did my laundry and everything else. But once he left it was full out again.

"My dad died in the 9-11 attacks. Yea, he could have gotten out, but who wants to live with a monster like my mother? I don't know exactly what went on his head, and I'll never know, but he let the building crash down on him and that was it. My mother had full control. I was moved to the smallest room in the house and had to do everything. My mother fired the housekeeper. I did everything; the cooking, the cleaning. Everything. The beatings got worse when she dranks, which was all the time.

"She hated her life and blamed me for everything. She called me worthless and pathetic every chance she got. Then, when I was fifteen, Davie Johnson showed some interest in me. I was so happy that I got out this dress my dad's parents had given me. I showered, use some of my mom's makeup and put the dress on. I felt like a princess. I waited until my mom was good and drunk and traced out of the house to the waiting limo. I felt so beautiful. Davie told me I was beautiful, and beauty in the night, he whispered in my ear. I giggled helplessly as some soda was passed around the limo. I didn't drink any, which I'm glad because the Date Rape Drug was in it.

"When everybody was getting busy, Davie started playing with my dress straps. I told him no. 'Come on, beautiful.' he whispered, nibbling on my ear.

"'Davie!' I said loudly. 'No, darn it! I don't want to. I'm saving myself.' Then, everybody laughed.

"'Who would want you?' They all hollared, even the girls. 'You're dad is dead and you're mom will be leaving you in a year anyway!'

"'No!' I screamed at them. 'My mom wouldn't leave me!' They laughed harder

"'You're mom hates your guts.' They taunted at me. They stopped the limo and I ran inside crying. I ran straight into my mom and grabbed her dress and cried. She pushed me away and kicked me.

"'You're ruining my dress, Ashley! And my date!" I went into the bathroom and washed the makeup, feeling like a total fool." It was silent in the house and RJ looked read in the face. Richardo looked green. "I'm sorry you guys."

"Don't be." They both said. They looked at each other and nodded.

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