Mistress This

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Adrian Garvey is a long haired, long legged beauty with eyes a man could just fall into. She seems like the perfect mistress in the quiet little town she called home, but little does her husband to be know that she has a secret. A deadly secret. She's a vampire hunter, and she's a half breed herself.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mistress This

Submitted: September 03, 2011

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Submitted: September 03, 2011



I looked around me. My dress was torn and it was very expensive. How was I going to explain this to Nelson? Damn. The vampire laid on the ally ground in front of me, glaring with his dark eyes. My blue ones looked at him and he seemed to fall away and then he was gone. I smirked, wiping the blood from my face. I looked at it and frowned. Damn that vampire that only half changed me. I vow I will find him and kill him, slowly and painfully.

My cellphone vibrated and I took it from my dress's built-in-bra. It was Nelson. "Hello, honey. Am I late already?" I asked, wiping off the knife on the vampire's shirt and putting it, along with the gun, back in the holster under my dress.

"No, I was just wondering where you are at. I haven't seen you in a few hours." He said, sounding a bit annoyed. He had a right though. I was engaged to him, and I just took off without a warning. My job rocks, making my soon-to-be husband mad at me.

I put on the angel voice, making my Southren accent a bit stronger. "I'm sorry. I guess I just lost track of time...um...shopping. I had to find a new dress. The one you bought, well, it kind of ripped when I trying to stop the dog from bitting the house-maid. I think I stepped on it. I don't remember. I was flustered." I changed out of the dress and stood in the ally in my underwear, rooting through my bag for another dress. The phone was pressed between my shoulder and my face as I pulled out a mini-black dress and sighed. "I love this dress I have on now, but you may not like it, darlin'."

"Well, tell me where you are, and I'll send the car to get you." He said, stomping about the house. I wondered which room he was in. I had my guns and things in the barn, and he never goes in there. Not sense he was ten and found his parents hung there. Maybe he was in our room. I pulled out the black heels and kicked off the silver ones.

"Oh, alright. I'm by the coffee shop about four miles West of the house."

"Alright. Harris'll be there soon." He hung up so I walked into the coffee shop. I smiled at the lady behind the counter and she looked startled.

"It's the hair, ain't it?" I asked. She nodded. "Well, I'll just go fix myelf up then." I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Yep, I looked like shit. I pulled out a brush a ran in through my hair, through the brushed strands over my shoulders. I reapplied my makeup, adjusted my dress and escaped before the stuck-up bitch could say anything. I smiled at the ladt again. "Better?"

She nodded, a smile on her lips. "Yes. What can I get you?" I sat down at the counter, and she dabbed a napkin on her tongue. She wipped it under my chin. The tip was pink with blood. I glared at it. "You got it on you, fighting Henry."

"You knew him?" She nodded again and gave me a glass of water. "Sorry if he was a friend of your's but I dislike his kind. I'm actually paid for the things I do that kind." I said, twirling the water. I thought about it. I was half vampire, yes, but I didn't need the blood, the sun didn't bother me, silver didn't, neither did garlic. If you thought about it, I was a bit like Blade. I was stronger and faster, and lived longer than any human. Unlike Blade though, I could escaped this horrible reality. I had to kill the man who changed me into this monster, and I've be free.

The glass crushed in my hand. "Sorry. I must not know my own strength." I laughed a little, looking out the window. The car was there, so I left a five onthe counter and left. I stood outside for a minute, thinking about how I didn't really want to go socialize today. I glanced around as Harris opened the door. He was like my grandfather. I slid into the car with the cool grace of an African cat. "Harris, lets take the long way home." I saw him nodded and leaned back, putting one leg over the other and stretching my arms over the back-seat.

Life was fantastic wasn't it?

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