Mistress This

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



I had the satisfaction of seeing his dark eyes dilate before I plunged the knife into the wall beside him. I tugged it out and whirled around. He shoved me against the wall and I hollered. “I’m going to kill you, Lucas!” Tears fought with my anger. “I’m going to fucking kill you!” Tears rolled out of eyes and slid down my cheeks. “I hate you!” I thrashed against him and didn’t see his face.


Adrian fought me as I watched the tears. I saw my face in every single one that rolled down her cheek. My hands were at her shoulders as she shook her head and screamed at me. “I hate you!” she kicked out with her feet, but didn’t come close to hitting me. “I can’t have children anymore! I can’t have a normal life until you’re dead you disgusting piece of shit! I hate you, I hate you, I freakin’ hate you!”

I couldn’t let her go, not when I had her so close to being mine. She thrashed against me and suddenly her knife was pushed into my stomach. Again. I dropped her and stood back as the pooled and dripped down my shirt, to hit the carpet. I looked up at her and knew she felt ashamed. I knew she loved me, but she was fighting hard.

“Adrian.” I whispered, feeling my lips go white. I didn’t feel the physical pain of the stab wound, but I felt the pain I had caused her. I fell to my knees. “Adrian. Let me explain. Vampires have this sixth sense, if you will, that tells them if a human, or another creature, is their soul mate, the one that completes them.

“It’s a strange tug at the heart when they see that person. It hurts but it feels wonderful. Adrian, you’re that person to me and I know you feel it too. I see it when you hurt me, when you look at me, through the anger and through the…through the…” I coughed and knew that I could be human for Adrian, but it was already too late.

I fell over and coughed again. I couldn’t breathe. My blood surrounds me and I look at her, feeling as if my soul isn’t in my body anymore. “Adrian. I still love you. I mean it.” Her face twisted and she ran away, ran away from me.

I coughed, blood squirting up and round me, becoming my coffee. I crawled to my bed and climbed up it. I took a poem from the pillowcase and laid it beside me. Hopefully she’d get it…


From the day I first saw you,

From the day I first felt you,

I could feel it, I simply knew it

It was going to be just us two.

Even when the day ends

And you hate me all over again

Just know that no matter

I will always come back for another spin.

You mean everything to me now

I want nothing but you now

Nobody can take you away now.

Lucas Trust.

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