Mistress This

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



I ran into the street, tears streaming down my face. I looked left then right, my knee quaking. I looked at the sky just as it poured rain. I glanced around and my hair clung to my face and my arms. My tears mixed with the rain that hit my face. A car drove by but ignored me.

In my heels, I took off down the street. I had to get away, I had to get away from Lucas, from the house, from everything. I couldn’t stand it anymore. My breath came out fast as I started to hyperventilate as I ran. I felt my face getting hot as the rain and wind pelted me. It wasn’t windy, but because of my vampire half I could run fast.

I screamed and fell to my knees, feeling the clique shimmer through my body. I cried into my hands and just kneeled on the ground. My dress stretched with the weight of rain and I felt my heart break. I realized that I loved Lucas and I killed him.

I was so intent on killing him because I loved him, not because he had changed me. He had been so nice when we met and been gentle when he changed. Why did I trick myself into hating him? I’d never know, but now I’ll never see him again, because I had killed him. I howled into the night.

The street was silent and I whispered to myself. “What have I done?” Again, the clique shimmered through me. “What have I done? I was in love and I killed the name I was in love with! What’s wrong with me?”

I slowly stood up and took a deep breath knowing I couldn’t face Nelson like this. I was going to walk into his home, giving him back the engagement ring and go home. I was just going to leave Lucas to died, because vampire ashes take care of themselves.

After a vampire died, it turns to ashes. After that, the ashes just blow away, even if there isn’t a breeze. They float away, just like in the movies.

A tear fell from my cheek as I walked. Nelson was going to have a fit when he saw what I looked like and would ask why my friends hadn’t given me a ride home. I’ll lie of course. I’m use to lying to Nelson, which doesn’t make a good relationship. Why hadn’t I seen it before? We weren’t meant to be, only because the lies to him came so fluently.

I started to search for my phone and when I found it, I called Jefferson. He picked up on the first ring. “Are you at Lucas’s still?”

“No. I’m walking toward the house. Come get me. I need to talk to Nelson before I leave.”

“Where are you going, Adrian?” He asked. I heard the door to the limo slam shut and the engine roar to live before it purred.

I answered coolly. “I’m going home to Michigan.” I shut the phone and stuck it back in my bra. I was soaked through but I kept walking. I had to force myself not to look back at the house. I would turn around and run back to Lucas if I did that I knew I would because that’s who I am and nobody can change that. Not even Nelson and he tried damn hard to change that.

I’m an all-American girl from the state Michigan that likes to hunt and fish and he can’t change that. I miss my family so much and no matter how much I begged he wouldn’t let me see them.

Screw Nelson. I’m going home. I grabbed the hem of the dress and tore it. It’s time to let him know what I was just beginning to realize. “Mistress This.” I said as I dropped the hem of the dress in the gutter and took off my shoes, leaving them as well.

I slopped barefoot through the rain just as headlights that didn’t belong to Nelson’s car came up behind me.

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