Mistress This

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



I was pulled into this car and it squealed its tires, speeding away. “What the hell?” I jerked my arm away. “Who are you?” The light clicked on and fangs were in my face. A hiss came up the throat and suddenly I was in very real danger.

My job was dangerous, but I had never been taken hostage before. I blew the air out of my face and showed no fear. “Who are you?”

The face backed up and saw it was Amelia. I hissed at her, noticing the vampire-like sound. “Hello, Adrian. I see you are well. Where are your shoes? Moreover, your dress is torn. Did you get into a fight with that human of yours?” I hissed again.

“I’m leaving Nelson, vampire. I’m going back home. You can have Lucas as well. I don’t plan on ever seeing him again.” My throat closed up. I honestly never plan to see him again, because I didn’t plan on going to the vampire funeral. Irony plays its part in everyday life, having fun at the beginning of funeral.

Amelia cocked her head. “Lucas is a real catch. How can you not want him? He gave you this beautiful life.”

“He took my life! What the hell do you want, Amelia?” The car stopped and I realized we were at Nelson’s. The light stayed on while we stared at each other. Amelia smiled.

“Just came to tell you something.”

“What?” The smile was a knowing one, a type of smile I had to fear.

“I know what you did.”


I slammed the door. “Adrian, please. Why would you go back to Michigan?”

“My family perhaps? Maybe even because I’m leaving you. Nelson, you can’t keep me here. I broke off the engagement. It’s time we got down to it. I can’t fit in the little mold you have given me. I can’t take it anymore. I’m a tomboy. Dresses and heels with makeup and earrings and nail polish. Not my thing, face it. I’m not the girl you want. You want a girl like Crystal, your boss’s daughter.

“I’ve got to get somewhere where I can be myself. Don’t even say it. I can’t be myself here. I have to be perfect and I can’t do that. I’m not like that. I’m something you don’t like and you’ve been trying to change me for a while and so far, it hasn’t work. I’ve been doing jobs you’d be ashamed of knowing they even existed.”

“Like what?” he asked, following me to the barn. He stopped walking as I reached for the door. “Don’t go in there, Adrian. I can’t follow you in there.” His voice shook and I knew I had chosen the perfect spot for my guns and knives. I knew he wouldn’t be able to touch the door. I sighed and turned to him.

Nelson was a tough man and hardly showed emotion. I knew this hurt him, seeing this barn but he couldn’t tear it down. It was all her had left of his parents. Besides the house, of course. However, this was it. The barn made his family rich. His father did back breaking work in the barn every day to make money for this family and soon they grew rich. Nelson had grew up in it, and now he can’t even step foot in it.

“You want to know the jobs I do? Follow me.” I walked inside. “Close your eyes if you have to, but you need to see this.” When I sensed him behind me, I turned. His eyes were open and I flicked on the light. There was hay in lofts and on the hay was artillery of guns and knives. The stalls were boarded up and decorated with pictures of vampires and Lucas. The ceiling had nothing on it but the peeling paint I had put up to make the place lively. The walls had guns and dressers. Each dresser held clothes I used for “hunting”. I even had stash of money under the floorboard. I kicked the loose board up and caught it in my hands. Nelson walked over and picks the half a million dollars.

“I’ve been saving it. The guns and knives are you used for these people. They aren’t humans though, Nelson. They’re vampires. I kill them because I was half vampire but I killed the son of a bitch who bit me and made me half. That’s why I’m leaving.

“I really did love you, Nelson, but as it turned out, we aren’t meant to be. I realized that I didn’t need a man who kept my family from me. I wouldn’t do that when I was teen and I sure as hell won’t do it now. Give me my money, I’ll call you, of course, and write. But I can’t stay here and I’m sorry. It just won’t work.” I touched his arm and took my money. “Treat Jefferson good, Nelson. He needs the money.” I patted Nelson’s arm and left him in the barn. I got in the rented car with my bags. Jefferson was going to pack up my guns and knives and send them to me via car.

I put my hand on the window and a tear slid down my cheek.

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