Mistress This

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Epilog

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



Clare, my four and half year baby girl, jumped off the tire swing and ran to Mom. By now, my parents knew my secret and they seemed okay with it. “Grandma! Grandpa!” Clare landed in Dad’s arm and he hugged her close. I watched from doorway as Dad and Mom walked up the cobblestone path. I smiled and held my arms out for Clare. She came right to me.

“Where’s Lucas?” Dad asked. I jerked my head toward the kitchen and walked in. I kept human food around my parents and for Clare. Seeing as I was born human, she was too. The human gene is passed from the mother only so Clare had to choose when she got older if she wanted to be a vampire or a human. I hoped she would choose the latter.

“Lucas, husband, Mom and Dad are here to see you. Get your nose out of the fridge and come see them.”

“They’re here every day, Adrian” He laughed, coming out of the kitchen with a sandwich for Dad and a bowl of grapes for Mom. “Hello, Destiny. Hello, Michael. How are you two?”
“Fine.” They answered together. Mom took the floor. “We’ve come to let you know that Dan and Heidi are getting married.” I smiled and put Clare on the floor. Her black hair swung around her face as her head shook. Her eyes were blue, like her father’s. She was a person all her own.

I smiled at her then looked at Mom. “It’s about time. They have been together for years.”

“More than you and Lucas have been together.” Dad pointed out, eating the last bite of his sandwich. I shot a glance at him, as well as Mom. Dad choked down the rest of his sandwich. “I like what you’ve do with the place. It’s lovely.”

I laughed. “When is the date?” Clare ran outside, hearing something I supposed Lucas and I didn’t. “Clare! Get back here! Hold a moment, Mom.” I ran outside after Clare who had disappeared. My stomach cramped up. “Clare! Clare!” The tire swing stood empty and unmoving, the car in the drive was untouched and the leaves hadn’t been stirred in hours. “Clare!” I screamed. I circled the house and when I came to a stop, Lucas was outside, as well as Mom and Dad. “Where is she? Where is my daughter?”

I heard laughter and ran to the source. It was Clare playing with a sandy brown dog. “Clare Anne Trust! Why did you know come when I called your name?”

“The dog, Mommy! The dog was so far away I didn’t hear you. I’m sorry. Can we keep him, though?” She asked. I looked at the dog just as Lucas and the other’s came up behind me. “Please, Mommy, please.” I sighed

“I suppose. But he stays outside until he’s potty trained. No but’s about it.” I said, looking at Lucas. He just smiled and grabbed Clare. “What are you going to name him?” I asked her.

“Sandy. Because he looked like the sand at the beach.” I smiled at her.

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