Mistress This

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 10, 2011



I screamed as the gun went off. Nelson pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight. I looked at the vampire's body and swore silently to myself. That stupid bitch almost exposed me. I pulled away from Nelson. "What are you doing here? I told you I was going to go shopping." I said, scared that he would say something about me being an ally with a vampire, a knife in one hand and a gun in the other.

"I came to look for you. I thought you would like a man around incase a vampire tired to get you. And I see I was right. You are not leaving house again without an escort. End of story, and don't bother arguing with me." He said, grabbing me and pulling me out of the ally. It was dark, and he couldn't see my attire. I pulled away. "Adrian, stop."

"Nelson, you have to promise me you won't get angry with me."

"Why would I?" He asked, jerking his head to the side like a dog. I smiled and wished like hell I could kill the man who did this to me. I didn't make him promise, I couldn't explain it to him, so I showed him. I stepped out into the sunlight and his breathing stopped. I was in cut-off jeans with a tank-top that fit every curve of my body. On my feet were new tennis-shoes and I had blood on my knee from when the knife fell and knicked me. My hair was messy but in a hair-tie.

I watched Nelson's face. He tried to make me his little mistress, but whenI'ma professional vampire hunter, it's kind of hard to be in a dress in heels all day while I'm running and jumping over things. His jaw set and his teeth were grinding against each other. I looked down and he sighed. He didn't say anything but when I looked up he was looking at me. "i guess it's hard to change a girl when she has always been something other than a mistress. But what were you doing out here?"

I watched his face. "I wasn't really shopping, Nelson, as you can see. I was trying to...get some information from this vampire about the attack the other night." That's basically the truth. He nodded, and I relaxed. He believed me, and for that I was thankful. I didn't want to loose my fience because of some stupid mistake I made when I was coming down here.

"Come on, Adrian, lets go." I followed him and we climbed into the car. It was silent so I had time to think. I was on my way to this little town when I had stopped at a diner to get something to eat. I was twenty-four and completely clueless to the world. I was sheltered as a child, but I wasn't exactly eased into the adult world. So, the first man that showed me anything other than brotherly love, had my heart instently, and that man was Lucas Armound...

"Hey beautiful girl. What are you doing so far from home?"

I looked up at him. "How did you know I'm far from home?" I asked. He was beautiful. Big green eyes with flecks of gold in them. Dark hair that was brushed to look messy but lovely all at once. He was tall and thin, but not gross thin. Runner or swimmer thin. His skin had a kind of glow and I suddenly felt inadiquate next to him. His shirt was black and hung around his torso, his jeans were a dark blue and looked to new. He just looked amazing.

"The way your body is positioned. It's like a Northren girl's posture. Straight, but but not too straight, if you know what I mean?" I smiled at him. He smiled back and his teeth were straight, his lips a light rose color. "You really are a beautiful girl, expecially with that smile of your's." I blushed, a little laugh escaping my lips. He was so kind, I couldn't help myself.

"Why don't you sit next to me? We can talk some more and you could help me get around this place."

"I'd like that." He said, putting his hand on my shoulder before he sat down. We smiled at each other for a minute and after three hours of talking he invited me back to his apartment. I told him I would go with him. When we got into his apartment he jumped on me and before I could scream he covered my mouth and his teeth sunk into my neck.

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