Mistress This

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 09, 2011



My dress was deep purple and I had heels to match it. My raven hair was curled and pinned back from my painted up face. Nelson had his arm around mine when I saw the vampire. My eyes narrowed and I looked at Jefferson. He noticed it too. He shook his head. He's been my bodyguard for nearly two months now, so he knew what I thinking when my eyes flashed. I looked at Nelson and smiled. "Nelson, I need to use the Lady's Room. Can Jefferson take me? So you can mingle?" He nodded and I walked off, Jefferson grabbing the vampire and dragging him to the Janitors closet, out of view and ear shot of the party.

I reached between my legs and pulled out my semi-automatic, holding it to the female vampire's head. her hair was a bright red and her eyes were cat green. She glared at me. "What are you doing, Adrian?"

"How do you know my name?" I asked, putting my finger on the trigger. Jefferson shut the door and stood guard, like a good boy. If this stayed underwraps he'll get two hundred. I focused on the female in front of me and suddenly I got this "aroma" of master. I snarled at her and instead of shooting her, I hit her over the head with gun. She snarled back. "You're in with Lucus. Get out of here before I kill you, woman." I warned. She laughed and stood up tall. She was at least three inches taller than me but I wasn't intimedated by her, I've kill three six foot male vampires before, at once.

"Lucus sent me here to see if you've slept with human yet. Obivous you haven't." She clicked her tongue. "And that dress. Why you've got a fantastic body and you're hidding it under all that material. Shame on you. I don't see what Lucus sees in you, black hair, green eyes, pale white, masculine." Without a second thought I jumped on her. My hands went straight for her hair and well, the struggle broke free of the closet. We ended up being pulled apart by Jefferson and Amiela's date. I later found out her name through Nelson, who was so embarrassed that I was fighting with his boss's "girlfriend".

~ ~ ~ ~

I ate in silence. It's been nearly a week since the outbreak at the party. The apple slid down my throat like a giant dry clump of dirt. I felt so bad, about embarrassing him. He wasn't sititng with me, so I couldn't apologize for the millionth time. Tears stung my eyes and I realized this might cause us to break up. I love Nelson like I've never loved anyone before and I didn't want to lose him as I settled the score between me and Lucus.

I stood and walked to the Sitting Room. Nelson was reading a paper and smoking a cigar. I watched him for a minute and sighed. He glanced up and his eyes narrowed. "Nelson, I'm-" He held his hand up and I snapped my mouth shut, in case I'd say something about his hand deal. He took another puff of his cigar and took it for between his lips. Slowly the smoke billowed out and I watched him as he folded the paper, put it down on the floor and snuffed out the cigar. He stood and walked to the window. While he looked out it he kept his back to me.

He spoke. "Adrian. What you did the other night is not forgiven. It's not nearly forgiven. I was so embarrassed i wont be able to show my face public for at least another week. You should have left that vampire alone, no matter the information she could have had on the attack that accured. You're being ignorant in thinking you can find out anything. You are a human girl. Though you were raised in Michigan that means nothing to a vampire." He stopped speaking for a minute and I shut the door. The rest of the house didn't need to hear what was coming next, if he was going to yell. He turned to me and his eyes were dark. With fury? He walked to me and grabbed my hair. He pulled my head back and our eyes met. I knew then it wasn't fury in his eyes but lust. When he spoke again, his voice was strained. "Adrian,what you did the other night did more to me than you'll ever know." He kissed me then, and his tongue slid between my teeth to touch mine.

Nelson held my close and kissed me deeper and his hands moved up my arms and pushed my straps down. My hands stayed at my side. What was I supposed to do? Nelson didn't usually act like this. My mind blanked out as my dress fell to the floor. I was pressed against the door and Nelson locked it. His jacket slid to the floor and suddenly he was naked along with me.

I'd have to see if this was the same with Lucus. Did I just think that?

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