Mistress This

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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I lay tangled in the bankets, my hair tousled. Neslon touched my naked shoulder and I looked at him. I knew this was going to come. "I'm sorry, Adrian, darling. I just couldn't help myself." I smiled at him. "I...I wasn't your first."

I nodded. " I wasn't your's so it's even." I looked up at the cieling. His family would be shamed but I'm sure neither of us minded. He kissed my fingers and cuddled up to me. I sighed and fell asleep in his arms.

~ ~ ~ ~

I dashed through the ally, jumping over a fence and nearly eating shit. I pushed up from the ground and ran after Lucus. He laughed at me. "You'll never caught me, Sunshine Adrian. You'll never be able to kill me. You'll only be able to love me. You don't love Nelson!" He screamed into the wind. I growled at him and ran faster. I jumped over a box and was swung up into his arms. He kissed my lips and stuck his tongue into my mouth. I wish I could have resisted him but my body caved and kissed him like I needed him. My hands grabbed his shoulders like a kiss from him was what I needed to breath.

He swung me out of his embrace and I felt like Bell, off Beauty and the Beast. He twirled me back into his arms. "Adrian." He whispered against my cheek. "When will you realize that we are meant to be?" I struggled against him and pushed away. He grabbed my hand. "Adrian, Adrian Garvey."

"Lucus, let me go. I'm engaged to Nelson and I'm not going to break it off. I'm going to marry him. Now." I pulled out my gun and fired. My silencer was always on so the noise of the gun going off was almost non-existent. I fired four times before he knocked the gun from my hand and shoved me to the ground. I struggled under his weight and for the second in nearly a week I felt him harden against me. He groaned quietly in my ear and started to slide his hand up my thigh. I pushed against him.

"Adrian. Sunshine Adrian, you feel wonderful under me. You should be here more often."

"No! Get off. Jefferson!" Lucus was too strong for me. Jefferson's enourmous bulk stormed into the ally way and Lucus's shoulder was yanked back by a bullet. Lucus growled and stood up. His eyes glinted off the sun light. I stood up and held my knife out. I filed a mental note to carry more guns on me. Lucus glanced at my knife and decided I wasn't a threat. A huge mistake. Jefferson fired again and when Lucus went to lunge, I stuck the blade in his chest.

Blood dripped out of his mouth and landed on my face. My eyes widened and I fell to my knees. Lucus lay beside me looking at me, his eyes not showing betrayal but hope. I withdrew my knife and realized he was right. I'd never be able to kill him. My heart is too big to kill even one hated creature on this Earth. I narrowed my eyes and something inside my twitched and I knew I wouldn't be the same. Not after today anyway.

I stood up and dusted off my knees. "Jefferson. Load him into the car. We're going to take him home and leave him there. Lucas, I don't want to see you again. I don't to hear from you again."

"Why don't you finish me off?" Lucas asked, his eyes searching mine. I threw up a brick wall and I saw that he felt it. I glared him. "You've been talking off killing me, making me pay for what I've done to you, and now, you've got the chance and you wont even take it!" I shook my head as Jefferson leaned down. i suddenly had a vision of Lucas bitting Jefferson and I bit my lip. My eariler words could be viod if I saved a human's life, right?

"Lucas. I'll make you a deal. I'll let you take me on one date, if you swear not to bite Jefferson." I watched him as light jumped into his eyes. "You can not bite me either." The light still shown.

Lucas smiled. "You have finally decided to give me the time of day. Thank you, Sunshine Adrian, thank you. In a week, we will talk of this date." I nodded and Jefferson carried the lean vampire to the car. I had this feeling that the date ahead wouldn't be the only date I'd have with him.

Lucas really did have a nice body, didn't he?

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