Mistress This

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



"In a time, before time was measured, humans and vampires lived together peacefully. Vampire would come out during the day and walk the streets along side the humans. They would share stories and meet each other`s families. Some even fell in love. But one day a terrible thing happened. One day it all stopped. Humans began to fear the vampires even though they meant no harm. Humans would lock up their houses when word of a vampire spread and hang garlic over their doors, and would carry crosses with them. No one knows what happened the day the humans began to fear the vampires, but soon after that a day, a group of men emerged with stakes and silver things. They were the first vampire hunters. From that day on, vampires have been hunted and slaughtered by the race of man. From that day on, Lyke, valkrie, witches, demons and so on made themselves known and the vampires no longer stood alone"

Lucus curled his long fingers around the glass full of wine. I looked at him, my mouth open in awe. Vampire's and humans use to live together? He smiled at me. "I don't believe you." I said, after regaining my poker face. I was fasinated by Lucus but I hated him, all at once. He watched my face and laughed. We were in a small diner just outside of town. I told Nelson that I was eating out with some friends, which was more or less of the truth.

My phone went off and I looked at it. Jefferson was calling, and it was nearly eleven o'clock. Lucus motioned me to take the call. I got up and walked to the bathroom. "Hello?" I heard Jefferson clear his voice and as he spoke I looked at myself in the mirror. The red dress was lose but clingly and didn't really show any cleaveage. It was great for an outting with friends.

"Master Neslon is starting to wonder where you are. When he found out I wasn't dining with you, he threw a fit." I sighed, knowing this was going to happen.

"Give me a hour." I pulled out a knife and watched it glint. "I'm going to kill Lucus today...er...tonight. He wont live to see the next sunrise or follow me again. Tell Nelson a hour and I'll be home, alright?"

"Yes, ma'am." I clicked the phone shut and walked back to the table.

I smiled at Lucus. I twirled my wine and looked at him, batting my lashes. "Lucus, why don't we go back to your place?" My Southren accent slipped out and I watched his eyes dim. Oh, they were going to dim tonight, but they were never going to light up again.


~ ~ ~ ~


I walked the hallways at Lucus's house. It was lovely, it really was. The carpet was red andthe walls were white. Painting from Di Vinci and Pablo Picasso were hanging along the twenty foot hallway. He lead me up a swinging stair chair, my shoes clicking against the metal. My eyes were being filled with wonders as my mind was put at ease until I walked into his bedroom. It was covered from top to bottom with black and crimison. The clique of vampire colors, I know, but it truely was amazing. I glanced back at the door as Lucus shut it and suddenly he was lighting candles all around the room.

"I knew, Sunshine, that you were going to come here. I knew you'd choose me over that meatbag. I knew this all but I wasn't going to force you to come to me. Not like the pathetic Neslon, who wont even let you see your family. Do you want to know why I changed you? It's quite simple really.

"I've changed many people, but not a one of them meant anything to me as much as you did. When I first say you in that bar a few years ago, my unbeating heart danced a strange little jig inmy empty chest. I suddenly felt alive and I knew that I had to have you. But tha'ts not the reason I chose to change you, Adrain. Do you want to know?"

"Yes, Lucus." I said. "But you can tell me when you're dying!" I lundged at him, the knife drawn.

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