The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



I bit my lip as we walked into the diner where Stephen worked. I looked around and saw him with his back turned toward us. I let out a small breath just as Sebastian put his hands on my shoulders. I jumped. This was the first time in over a month that I had left the safety of Sebastian's land, and I was a little sketchy. I ignored the news on every time it was on, in fear Mom would -or wouldn't- be looking for us.

"Calm down, Ariel. You're so tense." I looked at Theodora. She grinned. "Which one is your brother?" She asked.

"He's the blond in the gray shirt." Sebastian answered, releasing me and suddenly, I felt cold and scared. I stuck close behind him and followed him and Theodora to a table in the corner. Sebastian offered me in first, so I took the chance and hid in the booth. Theodora laughed qnd slid in beside me.

"Boys over there." She called when Sebastian just looked at her. "You can call me Teddi. Everybody does." She grabbed her napkin and silverware to spread them out. The waitress came over. "I'll have a coffee and the boy here will have a Coke. Do you want anything?" She asked me.I shook my head. My stomach churned at the idea of Mom finding us.

The waitress left and Sebastian leaned foward. "Be careful, Teddi. Stephen is overprotective of Ariel. They have had a bad beginning." There seemed to be a meaning under his words but I just bit my lip. "Ariel, don't do that. You'll hurt yourself." I grabbed a straw and chewed on the end. Sebastian nodded contently and I had this urge to stick my tongue out at him.

I turned to Teddi. "Are you a run away too?"

"No. I'm older than my brother, so I was out of the hosue before he was." Teddi's blue eyes went soft and her features smoothed out. She put her hand over mine. "Our father was an alcholic and our mother had died giving birth to our sister, who also died. Our father beat Sebastian because the is the twin that survived." I looked wide eyed at Sebastian. His dark eyes glowed with pure hatred. "Sebastian didn't tell you he was a twin? Well, he was. Him and Sarah, that's what we call her, we premature, and our father couldn't do anything when our mother hemeraged, and the midwife was gone." Teddi blinked at the waitress came back. "I'll take a steak. Rare."

Sebastian looked quickly at the menu before putting it down. "I'll take the same with a side of potato. She will have-" he indicated to me,"Chicken strips, no sauce."

"And a water, please." I whispered. Teddi chuckle.

"Shy aren't we?" She commented.

"Ignore her. I do." Teddi tossed her butter at Sebastian and he caught between his index and middle finger, which he promptly stuck at his sister. I giggled into my hand, feeling like a little kid at an amusment park.

"How long are you staying?" I asked Teddi, sincerely interested.

She tapped a long red nail against her chin. "Well, I noticed Sebastian added two more rooms onto his house, so I can take one. Hmm. A week or more." Sebastian twisted his sister's knife, leaving a little carving in the wood. Teddi flicked her hand across the table and snatched the knife away. "You're hurting the table."

I bit my lip in silent laughter. Was this going to go on for the next week or so? I hoped so. "Sebastian? Ariel? What are you doing here?"

"Hi, Stephen. Sebastian's, Teddi, invited us for diner." I said.

"I'm paying." She said. Stephen blinked at us a few times

"Oh. Okay. Back to work." He turned his back and walked away, not before looking over his shoulder, his eyes showing a little concern. I smiled at him.

Teddi crossed his arms. "Didn't even introduce himself!"

Sebastian tsked at his sister, so I answered. "He's at work, Teddi. He needs this job."

"Why don't you work?" She asked me. Sebastian looked at her and she glared him. "I'm asking a simple question. Why don't you work?" She asked me again.

I thought about it. "I don't want my mother to find me." The food came to the table. Teddi grabbed her knife and stabbed it into the meat. Blood squirted out and I looked away.

Sebastian was staring at the meat.

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