The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



I sat crossed legged on Stephen's bed, eating carrots, while flipping through his Dirt Racer mag. I flipped a page and caught Stephen looking at me. "What?" I asked, snapping a carrot in half.

"Nothing. It's just. You seem happier is all."

I mmmed him, focusing on the task at hand, learning how to read Dirt Bike lingo. "How's that?"

"You seem, I don't know, bubblier, brighter. You've been spending time outside of the house." I shrugged, as if it meant nothing to me. "Is it sleeping in the same as Sebastian?"

"Probably." I said. "I'm going to go sunbathing. Can I take the stereo?" Stephen nodded, so I grabbed it, some batteries and headed out back. The grass was green. I set the stereo down and went back inside for a towel, sunscreen, sun glasses and a book. Stephen stepped out of his room. "Want to join me?" I asked.

"Sure." He answered. He walked into the bathroom and grabbed two towels. He handed them to me so he grab the lemonade in the fridge and two glasses. By time he got outside, I had the two towels spread out on the ground and I was laying on one of them in my bikini. "Don't tell me your happiness is because the weather is nice."

"Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't." I answered, grabbing a glass from him, already filled. I sipped it and flopped on my stomach to read. Stephen laid down beside me, his own sunglasses and book. The stereo blasted out some Katy Perry tune, which I ignored and hummed to myself. Truth was, I did feel happier, and I was sure it was because my blossoming feelings for Sebastian.

In the last few days since I first stayed in Sebastian's room, he seemed to want to touch me more often, and when did, and nobody was looking, there would be soft pecks, and caresses that left my heart fluttering and my body tingling. There would be times when his touch sent my body a flame, and it was all I could do not to jump on him and smack my lips against his, delve my hands in the shaggy hair and feel his hard stomach pressed about against me.

His body was scultped perfectly, and beautiful. Some nights I would lay awake, next to him, listening to him breathing, and just wish to reach out and touch him. "Ariel. Ariel." I shook myself from my thoughts and looked at Stephen.


"Do you want some ice cream? You should probably flip over too." I flipped over, closing my book and eyes. "Do you want some ice cream or not?"

"No, not really. I think I'm just gunna take a nap." I moved my glasses and undid the string to my bikini top, so I wouldn't get tan lines along my collar bone. Thinking of my colloar I opened my eyes and glanced at the part of the scar I could see. It didn't seem to stand out among my darkening skin. I closed my eyes again and relaxed.

Bruno Mars came on the radio and my feet bounced a long to the beat. My head swayed a little as my muscles losened and my mind drifted off to the book I was reading.

The door slammed shut and I jumped up. "Wha...who's there?" Sebastian stood in a dark tee-shirt and dark jeans, as usual. I looked him up and down safetlybehind my glasses. "Oh, hi, Sebastian's. How are you?"

He looked at me, seeming to linger at my breast, which had grown a little since living with him. "I'm fine. Did you put sunblock on?" I had to think about it.

I shook my head. "No, I forgot." I stood up and went to look for it. I couldn't find it. "I was sure I grabbed it." That's when I noticed the dark clouds covering the sun.

"We're in for a thunder storm, and have a flood warning. Help me get this stuff inside? Teddi is going to get Stephen from the diner. After the storm passes over, she's leaving." I nodded and began packing up when lightening struck the stereo only a few from me. I stared at it for a minute before Sebastian hefted me over his shoulder and rushed me inside.

"But the other-"

"Forget it, I'm not going to let you get hurt."

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