The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



I woke up alone, as the storm ragged outside. The trees banged against the house, and the door was cracked. Light trickled inside and so did Teddi's and Sebastian's voices.

"You can't just let them live here." Teddi said ina harsh whisper. "It's too damn tempting."

"I can't just let her go!" Teddi shhed him. "Well, I can't." He said. "She's The One."

"I don't care what she is. She's human and that blood coursung through her viens? Yea, that will be the death of you. She's even sleeping in your bed, Sebastian's. How long can you hold yourself back? How long until you kill her?" Kill me. I sat up and strained to hear better. I couldn't have heard that right.

Sebastian seemed to growl. "For as long as it takes. Ariel has the make the decision if she wants to be with me. And when it gets serious, I'll tell her what we are. Not before then, because she won't be ready." Lightning crackled, and thunder followed. I jumped a little and the living room went silent.

When they started to talk again, it was quieter, so I had to crawl and lean off the edge of the bed. "Sebastian, I can smell her blood so I know you can to. It has to be driving your crazy. How can you resist for much longer?"

"Love. I told you, Ariel is The One. All the signs are there. I can fell my humanity coming back." Something tipped over. "I can feel emotions, and the difference between right and wrong. How do you think I made the decision to let them live here instead know."

There was a gasp. "You can't even say it!"

"Like I said, The One. Now, I'm going back to bed." I fumbled about as I tried to get back to the head of the bed. I laid on my side of the bed, facing the wall. My eyes were wide as my mind worked out what was going on.

"What about Zack? You know he always comes for a visit after I leave." Teddi said. Sebastian's shadow froze. "Yea, you remember. He always comes after me. He's more hungry than me. What are you going to do?"

Sebastian was silent for a moment. When he spoke, his voice sounded deadly and chills ran up my spine. "Everything I've wanted to do to him for centuries." With that, he shut the door and climbed into bed, clad in boxers. I had my eyes shut and his arm wrapped around me.

Centuries? Surely, I must be dreaming. Nobody can live for centuries. Who was Zack? Why did Teddi fear him and Sebastian hate him?

Sebastian pulled me close and tucked my head under his chin. He sighed and draped his other arm around me and suddenly I felt afraid.

Who, or what, was Sebastian Clear?

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