The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



Scrubbing the pot Stephen made mash potatoes in, my mind reeled in what happened last night. The conversation was obivously private but I heard it the last half, probably the scariest half. Sebastian had retreated to his room, to allow me to clean. I didn't need to clean, I needed to think. I bent into the pan, my hair falling out of it's bun.

That's when the idea struck. I pulled myself back and looked at the knife wrack. My mind turned as my hand reached for the sharpest looking knife. I looked to Sebastian's closed bedroom door. Was it possible...that Sebastian was a vampire? The conversation pointed to it. It basically showed a huge warning sign saying, "HELLO?! VAMPIRE IN THE HOUSE!! HE WANTS YOUR BLOOD!" I shuttered at the thought and put the knife on the counter.

No, it couldn't be. Sebastian hate the galric bread we had the night before, could go out in the side. When I smashed my face on the floor, he didn't attack me. I snorted and went back to the pan. didn't help to make sure. I grabbed the knife again and stared at Sebastian's door. Could I do this? Purposly, cut myself, make myself bleed to see if my fear was true. I looked at the knife and switched it for a smaller one. Yea, yea I could do this. Sebastian wasn't a vampire. There wasn't any way. There were no signs for it.

Apart from being gone randomly for hours. The centuries bit from last night. And not to mention what his sister said, about my blood. I looked out the window, the rain creating a wall of water. Stephen was sleeping, as was Teddi; or maybe she was packing for when the storm ended. I put the blade in my hand. Either way, none of the two would know what was about to go on.

As I squeased my hand, the realization that Teddi was potentially a vampire hit me. It was too late, because blood seeped from the wound. I dropped the knife and shouted. I made a fist and squatted. My hand was on fire. I didn't think it was going to hurt so much. Sebastian was at my side, his hand grabbed mine.

"Let me see, let me see!" He said loudly. He pried my hand open and stood shocked for a moment. I dared a peak at his face and knew that my suspicions had to be correct. He was a vampire. "What.." He looked stunned at me. "What did you stay?"

"I didn't say anything. " I said, squeasing my hand. I yelped, the pressure causing more pain. Sebastian grabbed it and turned on the tap on, setting it to cold. Teddi came out and saw all the blood. She didn't think I noticed her entrence, but I did. She fled the room and allowed Sebastian to clean the blood up.

Tears seeped out of my eyes as pain shot up my arm. Sebastian pressed a wet washcloth to my bleeding palm. "Say here." He demanded and ran to the bathroom. he came back with guaze and medical tape. He bagan to wrap my hand up. "What happened?" he asked.

"I was cleaning the knife, and I accidently cut myself." I said, watching his hands move around the wound. Once he was finished, he filled the sink with hot water. "Let me do that." I said. I knew he was vampire, and from what Twilgiht taught me, blood caused vampires pain.

"No, let me. Your hand is cut. Just get something to clean the floor up." I grabbed the Swiffer and began to clean. "Stop that! I'm cleaning not you. You'll just bleed more." He took the Swiffer from me and started to mop the floor. I watched him, atagonizing over what to do.

Sebastian was a vampire. How as this possible? What was I to do? I can't tell Stephen. That would be bad. Teddi came through the room. "What happened here?" She asked innocently. Me adn Sebastian looked at her, knowing she knew.

"Nothing." I said at the same time as Sebastian.

And so, began the circle of lies.

Or had that began in the Spring when Stephen and I first arrived?

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