The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



I lay on the ground as the vampire stood above me, whipping my blood from his face. He smiled at me. "You were delicious. Too bad I was starved from my trip, otherwise, I would have brought you to my friend. He would love to have a taste of you." Friend? Was he talking about Sebastian? I laid, unable to move, as he knelt down. His face hovered above mine. He kissed my forehead and I began to cry. "Oh, no, don't cry. That is so unbecoming of a female. Chin up, at least you won't die in pain." He stood and began to walk away. "I'll be back." He said over his shoulder.

The threat bounced around in my mind. He was going to come back to finish the job! I forced myself to get onto my hands and knees. I had to move! I had to move! I crawled as fast I could, but my blood was pumping so fast, it squirted from my neck. I had to stop it, so I leaned against a tree, took my shirt off, and wrapped it around my neck. I got back to my hands and knees and crawled again.

How far did I walk? Would I ever make it back? The pain of the sticks jabbing into my arms and knees kept me going. I didn't want to collasp on to those. And Stephen. He would be so worried about me right. He's probably just freaking out because it's dark. Sebastian was probably sitting on the couch, eating or watching TV. Both just waiting for me to walk into the door.

Stephen probably expected me to sleep in my room. I tried to laugh, but couldn't. Adreniline pumped through my viens and I crawled faster. I didn't have the strength, or blood, to stand. I had to stick to crawling. I knew that I was bleeding from my hands and knees, as well as my neck. The amount of blood I was losing would either kill me or keep be ridden for weeks.

Thinking of a bed made me so tired. Even with the extra energy, I began to slow down. Maybe dying wouldn't be so bad. I wouldn't be tired. I wouldn't be in pain, and I could get away from the abuse I've suffered over the years. Like the scar on my collar, where my mother cut me for going off wtih my father when I was a toddler. I didn't know it was wrong. I thought he loved.

"He didn't love you." I saw my mother's bare feet standing in the woods. "That man wanted nothing to do with you. Nobody does! You are worthless." Liar, I wanted to shout. Liar, liar! Stephen loves me! Sebastian says I'm The One. "You are The One to die!" I dirty foot came out of no where and kicked me in the face.

I crumpled and lay on my side. The smell of moss and rotted leaves filled my nostriles. So this was how I was going to die. I was naive to think that I would die old in my bed with my husband next to me. It was obivously my love for another to be my undoing. My love for Sebastian had me wandering the dark woods, thinking about this new information, that he was a vampire. I was so jumbled, I needed time alone.

My brain, working slowly, realized something I refused to admit. I'm inlove with Sebastian. Just when I was about to die -a virgin- I realized I finally loved somebody. A vampire somebody. I began to cry. Crying caused more pain, which caused more tears, but really, I was crying because the pain in my heart.

I was about to leave behind my brother, who had protected me against our mother. He had sheltered me from her beatings, until she pushed him aside. He had fed me, and nursed my cuts. He taught me to clean, to cook, to mend my own. He taught me to fight. Fist raised against the enemy. "Never let them see your weakness." He always said. "Don't let them see you weak. Always be strong in the face of someone who wishes to hurt you."

Always be strong.

Even if you're facing death, as I am now. Be strong. My strength had been zapped from my body and I could barely keep my eyes open. This was death. It was painless, enough, as the rouge had said. I looked at the blood on my hands. That I had caused myself, but I could nothing to mend it, as I lay bleeding out on the forest foor. The tears stopped, and I closed my eyes.

I accepted death. I accepted it, like I would a wet slobbery kiss from a puppy, or a hug from my brother. I accepted it like the rays of sunshine.

Death was sweet.

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