The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013




I paced the livingroom as the sun set, casing a beautiful hue across my white walls. Stephen set upon a barstool, reading the newspaper, like an idiot. His sister, my love, was out in the woods and it was beginning to get dark. Not to mention Zackaria would be here soon, and he would feast upon the glorious blood of Ariel.

I pondered her whereabouts when Stephen flung the newspaper in to the garbage. He sighed heavily and stared out the darkened kitchen window. The fine hairs on the back of my neck stood up as my anger torward him flared. He, an older brother and very protective of his sister, showed no signs of distress, while I, a vampire, was about to die, again, from the fright.

Ariel, with her lovely brown, wavy locks, and deep brown eyes, was still away after two and half hours. Ariel, with a voice as soft as down, and skin to rival velvet, was know where to be seen. My stomach knotted. I was inlove with this little human who wandered and wondered. Who was accident prone, yet still as beautiful as the day she blossomed into womanhood.

"Where is Ariel?" Stephen wondered outloud. I tossed my hands in the air and he looked to me. "What?"

"She went for a walk in the woods two and half hours ago. You are just now wondering about her?" I asked, incredilous to this observation he missed. He shrugged. "You know what I am, and yet you don't worry? Did you not listen to the conversation between my sister and I the night of the storm? You were sitting on the couch! Zackaria, my creator, is coming to visit. He likes virgin blood!" My voice rose, and continued to do so.

He shrugged. "My sister is fast runner." I had Stephen against the fridge. "This fast?! Is she fast enough to out run this." I was at my door before I finished the sentence. "No human can out run a vampire." I said darkly. My hand curled, my finger nails looking like claws. "I love your sister." I said. Stephen nodded.

"It's hard not to miss."

"I am a vampire!" I shouted. The intense fear running through my stomach had me on edge. "Does that not concern you?"

"You make her happy. And I know you wouldn't hurt her. You would have done it by now." There was aknock at the door. "Did you lock the door?"

"No." I answered and walked to door. The metal was cool against and I knew who was behind the barrirer. Zackaria. I waited and he knocked again. I opened the doorand looked into hisface.

"I had a delicios snack in the woods." Was the first sentence out of his mouth. "She was a virgin." If I had a heart, it would have stopped. If I were warm, I would have gone cold. Zackaria had killed Ariel.

I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him againsta tree. Igrowled at him and he seemed surprised. "You. Drank. From. Mine." I grounded out. "You killed her!" Myfangs inlongated but Zackaria pushed me into my house and cross the kitchen. He straddled my hips and held my hands down.

"Thatgirl was not yours. You had not marked her."

"She doesn't know what I am!"

"She does now."

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