The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



I licked my lips and opened my eyes. I was surrounded by dark walls and a black quilt. I smelled the forest and AXE. Sebastian. I opened my mouth but no sound came out. I sat up, but found myself dizzy. What was happening to me?

The events from last night came rushing back. I tried to scream but only air came out. Sebastian appeared at my side and he patted my arm, laying my down. "Relax, Ariel. I know what happened to you. I know that you know I'm a vampire. The man that attacked you is Zackaria, he's my creator. Realx." He kissed my forehead. "You can't speak because the wound to your neck. When it heals, you'll be as good as new, but until then, you're mute."

Sebastian crawled into bed beside me and held me. How was I to ask all the questions in my mind? Zackaria came in and I began to panic. Sebastian felt this and looked up. There was a deep growl in his throat that vibrated his chest, like the hum of a car motor, only louder, and more animal. "Hey, hey, calm down. I came to check on this delicious snack of yours."

"Get. Out." His arms tightened around me. I couldn't move. I was suddenly paralyzed with fear. "Leave! Mine." His arms stayed tight around me. Felt safe enough in his arms, but if Zack was his creator, did that give them some kind of bond to each other that would over-ride this new Sebastian? I certainly hoped not.

I grabbed Sebastian's hand, and mouthed Stephen's name. We were alone, so Sebastian called out. Stephen came into the room was was relieved. "Thank God." He said. He rushed to the side of the bed and hugged me over Sebastian. I gave a half-hearted hug back. "Sebastian flipped out when you didn't return home after dark."

"He, however, was as calm as could be. I thought he was protective over you?" I nodded. Sebastian snorted. "Didn't seem like it last night." I gave Stephen a sorry look and squeazed Sebastian's hand, signaling that I was okay.

"I made some soup. Sebastian says you can't have anything solid for a few days, so all liquids for you." I made the moaning motion. Stephen winked. "Don't worry, I won't eat solids in front of you. Just think, Sebastian and Zack are on the same diet!" Stephen's making-light of the vampric nature that was the man holding me let me that he knew for awhile yet. The web of lies grows ever larger and more entangled. I felt my temperature rise in my anger, as the realization hit that I was the last to know about Sebastian. Speaking of him, Sebastian began to run my arms.

"Calm down, Ariel." I tried to speak and found myself even angier. Not only was The Secret kept from me, but I couldn't voice my anger! I sat up again, ignored the dizziness, and got out of bed. I grabbed Stephen's shirt collar and tried to shake him, but my knees went weak. I stumbled back and Stephen caught me before I tumbled.

"Why are you so angry?" He asked. I looked arond the room for something to write with. Zack came in, more like STRUTTED, into Sebastian's bedroom and handed me a notebook and pen. I glared him as I reached for the materials. Stephen and Sebastian flanked me, even though we all knew Stephen would do little against a vampire. "Don't even play nice. You're the one that made her a mute!" Stephen yelled. I brushed his shoulder, telling him to calm down.

I sat on the bed and began my angry-scribble. I heard Sebastian tsk as Zack said, "I think she's angry at us."

"Us?" Sebastian croked. "How about you!"

I am mad at all of you! You all kept the fact that Sebastian was a vampire from me. I had more right to know than anybody did. I was sleeping in his room. I am alone with him a lot, and I am a female living with two males, of which, one is my brother.Feelings are obviously going to stir between me and Sebastian. Not only that, Zack basically killed me in the woods! Now he stands here in Sebastian's house?! It doesn't make sense, even if Zack created Sebastian. This whole freakin' thing doesn't make sense. Vampires shouldn't exist and I damn well shouldn't be living with one. Humans are weak, where vampires are strong, and EVERYBODY neglected to tell me that I slept in the same bed with a fictional being. How am I not to be pissed!

As I wrote, my handwritting got sloppier and darker. I heard Zack murmur, "I was wrong. She's not angry, she's pissed!"

I DON'T LIKE ZACK!!!! I put in all caps, darkly. I slammed the pen down and walked out of the room. A wave of dizziness took over and the floor rushed up to me.

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