The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013



I sat up on my knees and wiped the sweat off of my fore head. I threw the rag in the bucket of hot soapy water to arch my aching back. I cracked my neck and listened to my brother cook up the steak from the counter. The sizzle made me hungry but I knew that I wouldn't get any of the steak. The good, expensive food was reserved for Mom and her 'friends'.

I dumped out the gray water, rinsed the bucket and the rag. I walked to the kitchen and cleaned my hands. I grabbed a handful of the corn and put it in my mouth. "Ariel, you're a pig."

"Yea, well, if Mom gets to treat us like slaves, I'll treat her like a slave driver." I worked the words out around the food. I went to grab another handful, but Sephen slapped my hand away. "Knock it off!" I yelled at him, angry.

"You want to be beaten?" He whispered at me, pointedly looking out the window. The blue Chevy truck pulled into the drive way and stepped away from the counter.

"I'll flush the toilet again." I said, and rushed away. I locked myself in the bathroom and washed my face, which has suddenly become covered in a sheen of sweat. I looked a little green and my stomach churned. The sight of Mom literally makes me sick to my stomach. The years of physically and emotional abuse finally took it's toll on my nervous system. Her presence wasa disease that consumed me and broke me.

I heard Mom come in and thump my brother. "Hey, you shit. What did you cook me and mate up to eat?" Sephen murmured something and Mom made a gagging sound. "Great, that'll taste wonderful with this wine I brought. Where's your worthless sister." The woman didn't wait for an answer as she trotted to the bathroom, stumbling in her already drunken stupor. "Ariel! Ariel! She screamed.

I unlocked the door, only to have it yanked open and come face to face with my worse nightmare. "Mother." I said, briskly, side-stepping her. She latched on to my shoulder and drew me back. I glared at her, and she flared back. Her faded blue eyes never left mine.

"Did you clean the house?" Her nails, painted blood red, digging into my shoulder. I felt blood pump through the fleshly dug up cuts.

I nodded. "Yes, Mother, I did. The kitchen, the livingroom, your room. The laundry is completeed, and the floors scrubbed. I did everything."

"Good." She nodded. She released my shoulder and patted me. "Good girl. Now leave my sight." I walked away, holding tightly onto my shoulder, hissing when my sweat seeped into the cuts.

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