The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 21 (v.1)

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



I pushed my bangs out of the way as the sun beat down. Sweat trickled out of my pores and I knew I was going to be dehydrated after this. I finished sweeping the porch and retreated back into the cool house. I was alone today, so I made the house spotless; cleaned every room, every dish, every piece of fabric and dusted out the cob webs. I deserveda break. I fell down on to a stool and took a drink of the luke warm lemonade. After I finished it off, I got some more and went to the livingroom.

I sat on the couch and flipped to the news. It had been over four months since Stephen and I had run away, and no word has reached us that my mom was worried. I sneered. Why did I even call her that anymore? She wasn't really a mom to me, she never was. The weather was on, and I new it was ninty-three degrees out, so I flipped to Saturday morning cartoons and watched at Tom and Jerry hit each other.

After awhile I began to dose off but roused myself when there was a knock that the door. I got up and opened the door. "Hello?" I asked. A little girl with sun-bleached hair and dazzlingly blue eyes stood in front of me. She couldn't have been more than six or seven. I didn't stoop down to her level, for fear I'd fall on top of her. "Hi." I said. "Where's your mommy or daddy?"

When she spoke, I could tell she came from a wealthy, educated background. "I have came looking for Sebastian and Zackaria. Zackaria informed me he was staying here for the time being and you were not to be harmed. Or the boy, he is not to be harmed either." I blinked. A toddler vampire? I side-stepped and she waltz in. "I'll be needing a place to sleep."

"With Zackaria." I said instantly. She looked sharply at me as if I were the child. "My brother is human and I do not want vampires sleeping in the same room as him."

"I shall sleep with Sebastian then." She looked around the house, seeming disgusted.

"That's where I sleep." I said, a little impatiently. "Why don't you wait for Sebastian and Zackaria to come back from their hunt and they will explain how things are run here." The girl glared at me, and I knew I stepped over some invisible vampire line.

It seemed like she grew ten feet. "I am the vampire. I am the elder. I am stronger, faster, smarter. I say what goes on here, for Zackaria is mine, and Sebastian his. I own them. I sleep where I chose, and no human will tell me otherwise. The boys listen to me, not you!" I stared for a few seconds before my brain began to function. My eyes narrowed on her.

"I didn't see you breaking your back cleaning this house. I haven't seen you around while Sebastian built rooms for my brother and I. You don't lift your finger to pay a cent or help build or clean. You do nothing! You have no power here!" Feeling satified with myself, I continued. "I don't care you created Sebastian. I don't care if you're the oldest vampire known. You'll have to wait until Sebastian returned. And while you wait, you can soak up some sun. Now, please leave." I crossed my arms under my breasts and stared her down.

Her eyes found mine, and while she was so little, I knew better than to underestimate a vampire. They had a nasty bite. The toddle thing huffed a little then threw herself on the couch, bewildered, my arms fell. "I will not leave. This house is mine, because Sebastian is mine." I felted my rage boil up -or was it jealously that had me glenching my fists?-. "My name is Catherina Blake. I demand blood." She kept her eyes focused on the TV and held her little hand out. I just stared at it and she cleared her throat. "Give me your arm."

"No!" I said loudly. I stomped to the door. "Get the hell out." Catherina looked at me like she couldn't believe somebody had told her 'no'. Well, I did, and she didn't belong in my house. "Leave now!" I screamed. I pointed a finger at the door, which stood ajar. Somebody grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a hug.

Sebastian nuzzled my neck. "Hello, Ariel. I didn't know I wasn't welcomed in my own house."

"You are. Zackaria is but Catherina is not!" Sebastian looked up and froze at the sight of the toddle, who glared at us. Sebastian flew me behind him and Zackaria grabbed my shoulders. Quickly, I saw Zackaria's back and heard Sebastian growl. That was a chuckle and Zackaria stepped inside the house.

"Stay out here. No matter what you hear, you are to stay put!" He shouted out and slammed the door.

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