The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 22 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



I didn't hear anything for awhile. I stood in the hot sun, my bare feet digged tiny holes in the dirt as I waited it. Then I heard somebody cry. I took a step forward before I remembered they weren't human. I stopped and bit my lip. There was a crash and my imediate thought was, 'I'm going to have to clean that up!' The door vibrated as a bomb sounded. A second time some thing -or one- was slammed against the door. On the third round the door caved and Sebastian came flying out.

Startled as I was, I saw the inside of the house and grew angry. I did NOT clean the house for them to mess up! Sebastian got up, dusted himself off and rushed back into the house. There was a curse here, and swear there and Zackaria was thrown across the livingroom. Catherina stood in the door staring at Zackaria and I learned something else.

Catherina's hair lifted and her body began to glow. Suddenly she turned into a beautiful five foot ten woman with amazing breasts. I looked down at my own. Catherina was clad in a red dres and she looked like that lady rabbit from Who Framed Rogar Rabbit, only with golden hair. Catherina's hair still lifted, like there was a breeze. She shot her hand out at me and I flew back.

"Human!" her voice was deep and it seemed like millions of voices merged into one. Her face remained pointed at Zackaria as I flew through the air and landed against tree. A knob hit my spine and I cried out. Tears sprang into my eyes and I slumped forward. "I will anilate you all!" Catherina screamed, her voice still sounding like a million. The clouds above me swirled and blocked out the sun. A pain started in my chest and I felt my body lift off the ground.

Sebastian ran at Catherina and knocked her to the floor. I fell. When the ground touched me I jolted. Catherina, in toddle form, was looking at me. I was standing outside again. There was an evil grin plastered on her face just before Zackaria knocked it off of her. Sebastian flew across the livingroom at Catherina. I saw it all. Zackaria and Sebastian were trapped by the toddler Catherina, her little chubby hands gripping their necks.

She flung them out at me and they crumpled my feet. I kneeled to Sebastian and was suddenly flung on to my back. "Did you not recieve my message? Leave Sebastian alone!" I sat up and wiped the blood from my mouth. Message? The hallucination? I wiped more blood from my lips and looked at it. I looked at Sebastian and rushed him. I put my lips to his and blood dipped in his mouth. He licked his lips then grabbed the back of my head, forcing my blood into him by sucking on my lip. Catherina's scream came just before she ripped me away.

She shook me like a rag doll. Even on my knees I was too tall for her. "How DARE you give Sebastian your blood. Don't you know that'll do to him?!"

I smirked. "Hopefully make him strong enough to kill you." Sebastian stood up in the background, his torso hanging low. His head snapped up and his eyes were black. Blacker than I have seen them, if that were even possible. Sebastian looked at us, and Zackaria groaned, proping himself up on an elbow.

Sebastian stalked across the yard toward us. "No, you fool! Sebastian has been on a strick Animal-Blood-Diet! That human blood-" Sebastian's fingers wrapped around her throat.

"The human blood feeds me. It makes me stronger. Even stronger than you!" Catherina grappled at his fingers. Zackaria looked at us and realized what happening. He rushed over and grabbed Sebastian's arm.

"Let her go! Sebastian, let her go! This isn't you!" Zackaria pulled but Sebastian shook him off. Zackaria looked to me and must have seen the smirk on my face because he stalked over me. "You gave him your blood didn't you?" I nodded. "Do you realize that he now has to starve himself to get the blood out? If he doesn't, he'll kill everybody within a 25 mile radius." He shook me so hard my teeth rattled. I didn't say anything. I hadn't been able to speak to Zackaria since I could speak again. Zackaria grinned, an evil Cheshire grin. I suddenly got scared.

Zackaria bared his teeth and I knew, I knew. His teeth ripped into my neck again and I screamed, sweat breaking out on my forehead.

Not again.

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