The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 23 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



I fell to my knees when Zackaria let me go. One hand on the ground and the other my neck to stop the flow, I stared at Sebastian. The man I had come to love, actually love, was a monster. Tears stained my cheeks as Zackaria seemed to grow and darken. He rushed Sebastian knocking him to the ground Sebastian growled, his body huntching over. Zackaria mirrored him and Catherina crawled over to me.

She gripped my hand, and I felt the bones snap. I screamed out in pain, "You fool!" She screamed at me.


Something crashed into my side. The blood coursing through me made me strong, made me fast. My eyes flew up to Zackaria, the man who created me. Instantly I was on me feet and growled, the sound vibrating my chest. My fingers curled into claws, and my muscles tensed as I sprung at him. His arms around my torso and tightened. My bones began to bend in and crush my lungs. I couldn't breath! I felt the tissues all over my body scream at me, wanting oxygen.

I kicked Zackaria, relying on my human intintics, which seemed to intensify. There was a scream and my eyes found a girl with brown hair and blood falling from her neck. Catherina was holding her hand, squeazing. My heart thundered. My. Heart. Thundered?

"Release me!" I screamed, wriggling. All I could think was to get to this girl and save her from Catherina. I was tied to her and she to me. I could feel it. Zackaria, as if undre a spell, let me fall. A few of my rips were snapped and causing great pain, but I rushed to the girl. My hands found Catherina's arms and she flew across the yard and slammed into a tree.

The girl was crying, tears falling from her long, black lashes. She looked up and her eyes found mine. I went to touched her, smooth her beautiful hair back, but she flinched from me. I growled at her and snatched her by her shoulders. She cried out. I dropped her instantly. "I'm sorry." I said. Blood soaked my hand. I brought it to my lips. My tongue lashed out, then in, to taste it. The blood ran through my system and I wanted more, more. MORE!

I felt my fangs inlarge, but when I looked at the girl, they shrank. I went again to touch her. She hardly moved away. "Sebastian." she whispered. She knew my name? My hand cupped her chin and I brought our faces close. How did she know my name? Her eyes were deep, and laced with sadness. "Sebastian." Her lips were full and red. Her skin was sunkissed. She body was small, her weight seeming perfect. I glanced down, the male in me coming out.

Mine. My head snapped up to her. "Sebasitan, please come back to me." The tears rushed out. "Please." She sobbed, her eyes never leaving mine. I saw Zackaria in the reflection. None of us moved as I stared at her. Catherina was meters away, proping herself up her elbows. Her golden hair was tangled as if she were fighting. The sun was shining on This girl, her hair showing signs of red and blond hairlights. "Sebastian." She pleaded.

"He has to fast." Zackaria said behind me. The creature in front of me, the human, didn't break her hold on me.I was falling into her eyes and that's when I knew she was mine. But she must become a vampire. She must! My fangs inlarged just as her lips parted and another sob fell out.

"Sebastion? Zackaria? What happened here?" The voice was undoubtable male. I glanced at him and realized he was a human. Was he here to steal away what was mine? I growled.

The girl touched me with her blood soaked hand. My eyes flipped to her's but were captured. Moth to a flame. "Sebastian, I need you to come back. Please. I love you."

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