The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 24 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



Sebastian's black eyes lightened to deep brown, color seemed to flush into his cheeks as he stared at me. Zackaria and Catherina watch us, but I only noticed because the whispering between them. "Ariel? Didyou just say..."

"Yes." I answered when he trailed off. Sebastian grabbed me and forced me into his body. The hug was sudden and quick, I couldn't believe it actually happened until he let me go. His eyes brimmed and a single blood red tear feel out. I stared at it as it left its pink trail down his face, the ball of blood falling off his chin. "Was...was that a tear?" I asked.

He didn't raise a hand to wipe it away. "Vampires cry blood." On our knees we stared at each other. I didn't know what to think. I have just voiced my feelings towards Sebastian and it had brought him back. "Ariel. I love you too." There was a wild scream and Catherina slammed into me. The air lef tmy lungs as she reached behind her and brought her claws against my face.

She made my cheek ribbons. I turned away, and she tore the other open. I heard a loud noise and knew she smashed one of the others in the face, or slammed them into the house. I screamed as she continued to swip her claws against my face. I heard a snap and it dawned on me; Stephen had come home. I screamed his name. I told him to run, to hide. Catherina dug her claws into my arm and ripped down to my wrist. "I love Sebastian! Sebastian is mine! He cannot belong to a human!" She grabbed my wrist and bit into it hard. The puncture went through the bone and out the other side. My back arched as I tried to swing her off. She caught her balance and twisted my wrist.

Catherina flipped me onto my stomach, grabbed my shoulder and poped it outof socket. "I will mangle you until you are ugly!" She hissed in my ear, before latching on to it and ripping out a piece. I felt the blood flow down my face and curve along my chin, finally dripping off onto theground. The pain was feeling was horrific, like somebody put salt on my open wounds after I laid on a bed nails and then lit me on fire. I couldn't move; I was in so much pain I couldn't even scream. I could only sob into the dirt. It got into the cuts on my face. Catherina, noticing, pushed my head into the dirt and moved it side to side.

I couldn't breath as she sat on my back. She kicked my heel, snapping my ankle. She leaned back and broke that same leg. Nobody could save me at this point. I didn't know what had happened to Zackaria, Sebastian or Stephen. What had happened it was my fault. Catherina flipped my to my back and grinned into my dirty face.

"Aw, look at the little baby tears. See? Sebastian needs a real woman, and you would never be able to satisfy his needs. An infant. You are nothing to him but a snack." Through the pain I saw her point, but if Sebastian loved me was that not enough to satisfy him? I didn't say this, for fear of her lashing out against me. "Sebastian loved me first; we were even engaged once." Lies. "But then he was sent to war and I never saw him again. I found out where he was living and came right here."

I groaned as I opened my jaw, "But...but you're a toddler." She smacked me, her nails digging the wounds deeper.

"I have a condition!" She screamed me. She squeased my torso and broke some ribs. "Didn't you see my real body? My age is reversing itself. If a few decades, I'll be an infant. I'll die." She said. She squeased harder and I felt a rib puncture my lung. Again, I thought, I was going to die. My lung filled up with blood and I slowly started to suffocate.

This was it. This really was it. I was a gonner. Sebastian and Zackaria were probably knocked out. Stephen was most likely dead. It was just me and Catherina and she had won. She was getting what she wanted -Sebastian- of her story was true. She was going to die a little baby in Sebastian's arms and I was going to die, right here, by suffocating. For what? Why was I dying? Why was I giving up?

Because my feelings got me here. And now, I drew my last breath, my throat on fire. Catherina chuckled and bit into my broken wrist. I felt no pain and she sucked my blood out. I felt coolness from where my body shut down to preserve my important organs. I felt lighter, no lone. I closed my eyes as I exhaled my last breath.

My body dropped away.

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