The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 25 (v.1)

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



The smell of chloine was the first thing I noticed. Next was the hardness of the bed and stiffness of the sheet. The rough texture of the sheet scrapped against my face and caused pain. Then I felt a tightness in my arms, like somebody had stuck a needle in my arm. I made like I was going to move my arm but yelped as a pulling sensation caused me to flop my arm back down.

My eyes felt heavy and I couldn't open them. My throat was dry, my lips cracked and rough. My body felt weak and heavy. I tried to move my legs and toes, but couldn't. My right leg was suspended and wsa surrounded in something. A cast? I tried against to open my eyes but couldn't. I tried to groan, but even my lips wouldn't open. My throat hurt every time swallowed. That's when the sound of machines came to focus. I heard the beep beep of a heart monitor, the drip of a liquid which explained the needles.

Someone grabbed my hand and placed against their face. They had a stuble from a few days of not shaving. The temperature of the skin was cold, which lead me to believe I had a temperature. They moved the face up and down, the stuble scratching up my hand. "I'm so sorry, Ariel. I never intended for you to get hurt." It was Sebastian. My heart warmed. "I never wanted you to get hurt. I never wanted this for you. I hate myself for what's been done to you and Stephen." I curled my fingers slightly, the movement hard. Sebastian's hands tightened. "Ariel? Can you hear me? Please, if you can hear me, show me a sign." I straightened my fingers and attempted to lift my other arms. Sebastian made a noise, like a sharp intake of breath and a pleased growl. "Stephen!" he called.

A few seconds later, Stephen was in the room, "What, Sebastian?" He sounded irriated and worn out. Tired. "Why are you crying?" he asked. The image of the blood red tear appeared in my mind. Then it all came flooding back. Catherina had showed up at the house and attacked us. Zackariah, Sebastian and Stephen all tried to save my life, but it didn't work. I had died, I knew I did. I felt my soul leave my body, but how was I here? How was I alive?

"Ariel...she moved."

"The doctor said it's just our wishful thinking." Stephen's voice moved closer. "He said it's just her body twitching. I thought I saw her eye lids flutter a few days ago, but after an MRI, the doctor said there was nothing new about her brain activity. She's still in the coma, no matter what we believe." His voice was soft, pleading. I heard the tears in it. He was sad too, like Sebastian. There was a sob. Undoubtly female. I curled my fingers again.

"See!" shouted Sebastian. "She curled her hands! She can lift her arm!" He dropped my hand and pain shot up my arm. I heard a chair slam into the wall. "She's going out of the coma! She is! Didn't you see it!" He sounded desperate.

"Sebastian, please." Teddi was here. She sounded sad too. She didn't know me well, so I suspected it was because of her brother. "She's been in the coma for two months, I don't think she's coming out of it. I think she's gone.Forever." There was a choked sound and I couldn't tell if it was Sebastian or Teddi. The picture of the fire hairs girl popped into my mind. I smiled internally, but it was reflected externally. Teddi touched my hand, the cool smoothness of her hands comforting me. "Sebastian. I know you think you see Ariel move, but it's just your mind playing tricks on you. You want it to bad, you're imaginating it." She sighed. "We decided to pull the Life-Support. It's time to let her go, Sebastian." Sebastian growled. There was clash. "How do you know she's not in pain?" Teddi asked.

"How do you know she's not?" Mumbled Sebastian. "How do you she won't come out of it tomorrow."

"I don't. Neither does Stephen, and Stephen calls the shots now. He's soul care-giver since the mother signed off parental rights to him."

"You're going to kill your sister?!" Sebastian screamed, out-rage in his voice.

Stephen sighed. "I've been talking to the doctors, and theysaid it would be better. The fact that we don't have health-insurance is draining your guy's bankaccount, and I don't want to prolong her suffering." The door shut.

"It's time." And unfamliar voice said. Nobody said anything as the machines were unpluged and the room pludged into silence.

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