The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 27 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



The doctor shrugged. “Really, she’s miracle. I’ve been working in this unit for over twenty-five years and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“When will she be ready to come home?” Sebastian asked. I still couldn’t. I could barely move and he wanted me to go home? I expected the place was going to be a disaster if two months really was the time I was in a coma.

“After a few more tests, and two nights of observations, she should be able to go home. Provided there are no complications.”

“What kind of complications?” Stephen asked, his hand firmly gripped around Teddi’s. The two and half months of my absence must have brought them closer. I smile spread across my face. Stephen had found somebody. Sebastian on the other looked like he was about to kill the doctor.

“Sebastian.” I croaked. He was instantly at my side, his hands surrounding mine.

“Yes, love?” He nuzzled my neck. I couldn’t turn my head, but everybody was in my peripheral vision.

“Be. Nice.” I heard Teddi chuckle, and knew that nobody told her brother to be nice. He gripped my hand and kissed my fingers.

“Of course.” He whispered. He stood straight and looked right at the doctor. “Is there anyway to speed it up, or something? Have a nurse come to the house to look after her?”

The doctor cleared his throat. “Well, not really. You see, she can’t eat or drink. She can’t move. How is she to eat, or use the bathroom without having ‘round the clock care? The cath-“

“I’ll higher a nurse to stay until she is better. Perform the tests, and let us take her home.” The last part of the sentence sounded like a plea. Stephen stepped to Sebastian. “I want to take her home.”

“So do I, Sebastian, but the doctors would do better with her here if she slipped into another coma.” Stephen put his hand on Sebastian’s arms. “It’s better if she stays here.”

“Why don’t we ask her?” The answer was curt and everybody turned toward me. “Ariel, do you want go home or stay here?”

I deliberated on it. I figured it’d be more comfortable at home if I were to die, but I didn’t want to die. If I slipped into a coma, I surely would. Is it better to die in a hospital or surrounded by those who love you? I doubted I was going to die, but just to be sure. “Here.” My throat busted into my flames. Sebastian, noticing my discomfort, rushed to me. “Water.” A staw was inserted between my lips and I sipped. The water washed away the pain and I smiled up at Sebastian, showing my thanks. He brushed my bangs out of my face.

“You need a hair cut.” He laughed at me. His fingers paused to trace my cheek and then jaw. I tipped my head, ever so slightly into his palm.

“Bath?” I asked. He grinned down at me, tears in his eyes. He had been crying a lot, this I knew from crows feet and worry lines.

“No, not a bath. Nurses have been bathing you.”

“Sebastian wouldn’t let a male nurse bath you. He bared the door and wouldn’t let another male in besides the doctor and Stephen. Your father even stopped by and Sebastian ran him off.” I must of looked puzzled, and Stephen elbowed Teddi for saying too much.

“Doctor.” Stephen said, “Will you please? I think we have something to talk about in private?” The doctor nodded and left. “Ariel, Dad heard about you. He heard about everything Mom has been doing and he came here to see you…us. He had nothing but apologies, but no excuses.

“It turns out, Mom had abused him too, but he was raised never to hit a woman, so he left. He didn’t realize that the beatings for us to get worse. He says he thought about us every day and even sent us cards and money. Mom got to those cards before us and got rid of them. Dad tried, Ariel, he really did.

“When he came to the hospital and went to walk in here, Sebastian was sitting at the table. When Dad opened the door, Sebastian recognized him, because I look like him, and demanded he leave. There was huge fight, but eventually, Sebastian have forced Dad out.” Stephen bit his lip.

“Meet him?” I asked. Stephen looked at me, confused. “I want. To. Meet him.” I forced out.

“Good. Because here I am.” A man wearing khaki’s and polo stood in the door way. “Ariel, I’m glad your awake. I’ve been waiting to meet you. My name is Eric. I’m your father.”

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