The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013



I grasped his hand, completely taken back. "H-hi, Sebastian." My brother stood off to the side as I stared at the dark figured in front of me. Water slide down his skin, enticing me. My body shivered at the thought of where that water droplet was heading. Stephen cleared his throat, and Sebastian glanced at him, then looked at me. My brown eyes met his black ones and I fell in.

"Ariel. Sebastian was kind enough to let you sleep in his bed. He slept on the couch." I nodded, not really listening to him. Sebastian. Sebastian Clear. Dark and scary Sebastian Clear. The thought shivered through my mind.

"Thank you." I murmured, barely audiable to my own ears. He smiled at me and walked into his room, where I had slept. The dark, woodsy smell filled the air. I watched it. "Wow." Stephen had turned toward the fridge.

"Sebastian agreed to let us stay here until we can find another place. I told him why we ran away to begin with, and he seemed sympathetic. He doesn't know where we're going to sleep though." He eyed me. "I think we can make do with the couch. We'll switch between couch and floor." I nodded and looked at Stephen for the first time. He looked rugged and sleepy.

"Why don't you take a shower?" I asked. "We brought clothes for this reason right here. So we could be clean." He gave me a look saying I should take a peek in a mirror myself. I did just this and covered my eyes. My hair had curled uncontrollably, and there was dirt on my face and twigs in my hair. I groaned and called out, "I believe I'll take one first, Stephen."

"Good." I jumped at the deepness of Sebastian's voice, like velvet. I hadn't noticed before how deep it was because he had an amazing physique. The best I ever seen, which isn't many, but Mom hooked up with runners and body builders. They tended to walk around naked, because Mom always said she didn't have kids. "You look like hell."

"I've been through hell and back." I said, taking the towels he used.

"I know. Your brother told me all about it. When you're finished with your shower, I'm sure breakfast will be done. Here's your brush." He said, handing it to me. "Your brother gave it to me." I nodded, thanking God he didn't rifle through my stuff. I didn't have much in the bag but I had panties, which I didn't want the likes of him to see.

I flipped on the hot water, then the cold. I climbed in when it was the right temperature for me and began to slowly pick the forest out of my hair. Grabbing the bar soap, I cleaned my body, feelings the water slip over my skin and seeing the steam rise. I dipped my head under the spray, wetting down my unruly hair. It strained, so I scrubbed my hair with Sebastian's AXE body and hair shampoo. I didn't see any conditioner, so I peeked around the shower curtian. I still didn't see any, so I dipped back into the shower and finished my shower.

I wrapped a towel around me, put my hair up in the other, and stepped out of the bathroom. Stephen was no where to be seen, and neither was Sebastian, so I tip-toed to Sebastian's room, where I figured my bag was. I opened the door, and there sat Sebastian, shirtless and in his boxers. He was flipping through my bag, and had a pair of my pink undies in his hand.

"Excuse me?!" I said loudly. He looked at me, startled. "I believe those are mine!"

He nodded, putting them in the bag. "I believe they are too. I was just going to set out some clothes for you. I didn't realize you had underwear in this bag."

"Of course I do! Why wouldn't I have underwear if I were going to run away?!" I said, getting angry.

"Because. " He said, "I'm a run away too."

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