The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



My brother, Stephen, and Sebastian, a host, sat in the livingroom, drinking some coffee. Sephen looked at me and smiled, his teeth seeming whiter than before, but his face was tanning. We had been living with Sebastian for two weeks now, and we've yet to find a place to take us in. A nineteen year old and a seventeen year old brother and sister trying to find an apartment was suspicious, and the owners wanted nothing to do with us.

I sat in the wooden arm chair across from the couch and grabbed my cup of hot chocolate. I hadn't acquired the taste for coffee yet, for which I am thankful. The stuff smelled descusting. "There's a job offering in the next town over. A bus boy, and I was thinking that I could take it so the bills don't fall primarily on you." Stephen said.

Sebastian nodded, his black hair falling over his face. "I understand but I have an inexhaustable amount of money. Another twenty dollars a week doesn't hurt me any."

Stephen shook her curly hair. "I'm sorry, I just can't allow to continue to buy things for us, and us do nothing in return." I sipped my coco, not bothering to point out I do the dishes and laundry, while Stephen cooks. Sebastian tended to leave for long hours during the day. He always says he goes to town, to meet up with his finical adviser. He came back once with lumber and began to build a second bedroom for Stephen and I. It was nearly finished, but carpet and other furnishing were yet to come.

Stephen and I were astonded he did this. His reasoning was one of us -or both- were bound to come back and stay. Plus his sister Theodora was coming down in a few weeks to visit, and if we were out by then, it would be a perfect place for her to sleep.

Stephen made a strangled sound and I was instantly brought back to the present. Sebastian was laughing and patting Stephen on the back. "What? What happened?" I asked, getting up quickly. Sebastian slapped a little harder, until Stephen held his hand up, singaling that he was fine.

After a few more coughs, Stephen finally caught his breath. "Sebastian wants to build a third room, so we can actually live here. He says if I'm going to get a job, I may as well rent the two rooms around." I looked startled at Sebastian, the third runaway to our trio.

"Seriously?" I asked. Sebastian nodded. "We've only just met." I said. I wasn't use to Sebastian yet. He set off alarm bells when ever he walked into a room, but his dark, dangerous side lured me in, and it was like I couldn't pull away. I lay awake on the nights I sleep on the floor and listen to him toss and turn.The sound would ease me to sleep.

"Yes," he answered. "I like having people around. I am living in the middle of nowhere. I just don't like the noise of the city and how close I am with other people. I like my space."

"Yea, I like my space to."

"It's settled then. We're going to rent from Sebastian."

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