The Vampire and The Flower

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



"Where do you go?" I asked walking out of the bathroom, pulling my hair back. "When you leave for hours on end? I know you don't have a job, so where could you go?" I asked at his puzzled look. He shrugged, and sipped from his silver cup. I picked up the bucket and began to fill it with hot water.

"What are you doing?"

" Isn't Theodora supposed to be here today?" He nodded.

"Yes, but your brother forced me to buy you a real mop. I chose a Swiffer. Also, I'm supposed to have you take your iron pills." I groaned and dumped the water out. "Your brother said you're take two when you wake up, and two at dinner."

"He also said not to be in the same room with you alone." I mumbled under my breath. Sebastian simply looked at me, a thin bottle in his free hand. He was leaning against the counter in a tight black tee, his hair messy from sleeping, a stubble beginning to form, a pair of faded jeans gripping his thighs and other things. Work worn boots covered his feet and suddenly my mouth went dry. "Water?" I mouthed, and Sebastian handed me the silver cup and two pills. I took them without hesitation.

"Theodora is here. She'll want to take us out." I nodded. Sebastian leaned over me and his smell of AXE and wood dried my mouth again and sent my system on high kissing alert. I looked up at him as he took my curly brown hair out of it's bun. Our eye met and leaned forward, pressing my lips to his. He leaned in, but swung away when the door opened.

His sister stood in black comat books, leggins, and a camo shirt that slipped over her shoulder. Her bright red hair was straightened and she was thin, like her brother. She slid of her Aviators and looked at the two of us. "Well, well, brother mine, what have we here? A lover? A pet? A snack?"

"None of the above." Sebastian answered briskly. "This is my tenant, Ariel. Her brother is working."

"Lets go meet his punk ass!" She shouted and away she went. I started after and Sebastian rested his forehead on mine.

"Um..." I said, unable to form a sentence.

"Yea," Sebastian whispered, "She's a handful."

"I heard that" She screamed from what looked to be an even bright than her hair red corvet. "Lets get a move on!" Sebastian looked into my eyes then turned away. I walked to the door and watched him and his sister bicker in front of the flashy car. She punched him in the arm and he rubbed it. She stood five foot eleven and weighed probably 180 or so.

I slipped on my flipflops and shut the door behind me. I bent down to the welcome mat and retrieved the key to lock the door. Once I replaced everything, I went up to Sebastian and Theodora. "Hi, Sebastian didn't introduce us. My nameis Ariel." I stuck my hand out.

Theodora looked at my hand, then at me. She eventually grabbed my hand and pumped up and down. "My name is Theodora. Nice to meet you. Get in the back seat and buckle up. You humans are delicate."

"Um okay." I caught the glare Sebastian gave his sister before I got into the leather interior.

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