Thread of Hope

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 27, 2013




Present Day

Biology ticked by slowly. I tapped my black nails against my desk when the clock struck twelve thirty signaling five minutes until I could escaped. I bit my lip, thanking God I didn’t like makeup. My best-friend, Andrea, smiled at me from across the room. I smiled back, not showing my braces. I was going to get them off today. I was excited for that.

Twelve thirty-three. Tap tap tap tap. My lab partner slammed her hand down on mine and gave me an evil look. I shot one back just as the phone rang. I quickly scooped all my stuff together and shot out the door before Mr. Branning could tell me I was leaving.

Running down the hallway, I pushed my stuff into my locker, slammed it shut and went for my mother. “Hey, Mom!” I said.

“Hi, darling. Are you ready?” she asked, leading me out.

“Yea, I am. I’m super excited to get these stupid things off.” I smiled at her as we walked past the attendance office. I saw a guy in a black shirt sitting in one of the chairs, his back to me. He had dark hair spiked up in a Mohawk. He must have felt my eyes on him because he turned around and his dark eyes met my hazel ones. Wow was the only thought that crossed my mind. I whipped out my phone and texted Andrea.

Hottie in the attendance office! Dibbs! I grinned at my text, and climbed into the front seat of my mom’s blue convertible. A little something we got when my dad divorced her for a nasty red head.

My phones buzzed as my mom pulled out of the parking lot. Damn grl, u alwyz have dibs. I sent a smiley face and let the air rush past me, blowing my wavy brown hair back. Today was the day! I was going to get my braces off and be the girl I had always wanted to be; smart and beautiful. I don’t want to be popular. It changed people.

After a half hour drive, we pulled into the orthodontist. I skipped right up to the door and hoped inside, glee written all over my face, until I saw the doctor come into the waiting room. Then I remember I had to wear a retainer. The idea made me groan and my mom laughed.

She patted me lovingly on the back. “It’ll be fine, honey. Go in, I’ll be out here waiting for you.” I took her advice.

“This wont hurt, will it?” I asked the doctor.

“Not at all.” He said simply. He lead me to a small room in the back and told me to sit in the chair. From there he laid me down and put a small mask on my face. “Now, you’re going to be a little sleepy.” I nodded, knowing this procedure from the years of other kids telling the Dental Horror Stories. My eyes grew heavy and soon I drift off.


My room, painted a silly purple, looked just like it before I felt the house that morning. The only difference was the retainer dish that took up residence on my night. I glared it. It simply sat there, not as if I expected it to do anything. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. My mom was already in, complaining of a headache, of which she had frequently.

Shutting off the light, I settled into bed…


I strode into the school only to find Andrea drooling from behind her locker door at the kid I saw in the attendance off the day before. I tapped her on the shower only to hear her squeal. “Morrie!” She screamed. I laughed at her.

“I see you’ve seen the new kid.” I smiled at her.

“Yes, yes I have. You were right, he is a hottie.” She winked at me. “By the way, I love the new look. You weren’t joking when you said you were changing everything after you got your braces off.” I looked down at my dark skinny jeans, and white form fitting t-shirt. I looked back up at her and moved my bangs. I smiled, actually showing my teeth off. “Marvelous!” she capped at me.

“Thank you.” I walked past her to my locker, and past the new kid surrounded by the popular crowd.

“Oh, Morrie! Look at you! You aren’t so…so Goth.” That was Tuesday, the ring leader. I stopped at turned to her, a smile on my face; even if it were sarcastic.

“Oh, hello, Tuesday. I see that you’re wearing a pound less of make-up.” I felt the anger sizzle through the air and snap at me, but I kept my head  high and moved on. Tuesday was nothing but an ignorant bigot. Her insults never got to me, not even now in front of the hot new kid.

Rolling my shoulders, I opened my locker. “Hi, I’m Dante.” Instead of jumping, I looked sideways. Five o-clock shadow donned his rugged face and sharp chin. “Your name is Morrie?”

“Yes, it is.” I slammed  my locker door shut. “Shouldn’t you be getting back to The Horde?”

“I’d rather deal with your icy words.” He winked, his dark lashes casting a quick shadow cross his cheek bones. I stuck up my nose, something my mom would have back handed me for. “And of course, this.” He flicked my nose. I stared at him. He grinned.

“Did…did you just do that?!” I asked. He nodded.

“I can’t stand  those gaggling bunch of idiots. Hey! Don’t walk away from  me!”  He followed me and grabbed my shoulder, turning me around. “You’re that girl that was leaving the school when I was getting my schedule, weren’t you?”

“And if I were?” I asked, testily. Andrea stood a few behind Dante, eyeing his butt. Typical.

“You look even more beautiful without those braces.” Suddenly, I tossed my head back and laughed. He looked confused. “What? What?”

“Me? Beautiful? Ha! The very thought is laughable.” Seeming more and more confused, I waved at him over my shoulders as I walked away. “Goodbye, Dante. See you around.”

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