Is this a dream...

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Ok so this started out as a short story that i started writing at school but i decided to make it in to a novel of sorts.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Is this a dream...

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



Out there in the darkest most profound places of the world. Untouched by any human or mortal soul. Lies a beauty so rich and wonderful as to make  you want to live and die at the same time. There the stars shine like if seen for the first time, the moon shines so bright and big that you feel like you can reach up and touch it. The trees are as big as the giants that once lived.The rivers are as clear as glass and at night it looks like theres star dust floating over it. The beauty of their music is such that would never want to leave. But  instead sit there forever and think. Think about how amazingly lucky the creatures that live here are. If there are an creatures at all...

While you sit against a tree trunk by a river gazing at the stars a sweet melody starts to play far away. Gently you stand up and begin to walk through the forest following the beautiful music. A sudden noise frightens you and makes  you stop. After a while you finally build up the courage and look around the moonlit forest only to find that the noise had been a small funny looking mouse. You smile thinking yourself foolish and keep walking towards the music. Once you reach a giant clearing the music stops. Theres nothing now but silence and you hidden by the thick trees at the edge of the clearing. Gazing around your eyes touch upon unlit silver oil lamps hung on the tree branches with golden chains. Gently   the music starts to play and the lamps start to glow with a dim fire that keeps growing stronger and stronger with each second. After the music starts to play a bit louder tall people clad in both skin tight or loose fitting clothes start to drift in to the clearing.

All of them had sharp features and would move with the grace of dancers. Their bodies were slim but yet strong, their fair skin would be a pale as snow on some and on others dark as the night itself. Some would wear their multicolored hair tied with silk ribbons while others would let it loose and free for the careless wind to play with.  All of them had jewels or semi-preciouse stones place upon their bodies. These were placed to both match and contrast with the colors of their clothes which would be from different hues of the color spectrum. 

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