Teenage Slave ( Novel Form )

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This is the same as my ' Teenage Slave' book in novel form
I hope that you like it :D

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Teenage Slave ( Novel Form )

Submitted: June 18, 2008

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Submitted: June 18, 2008



Chapter 1


Ok, I’ll make this beginning quick. I woke up that morning in a good mood, I looked great, felt great and my outfit was stunning. My reflection was that of a tall good looking 16 year old, with a short blond pixie cut hairstyle. Green eyes, a blue top and jeans, topped off with black high boots , I looked fabulous. I lived in a dormitory at a boarding school, my parents died a few years back so I spent all of my time there.


 I was walking down the street , on my way to the mall. I saw a car stop near me, but thought nothing of it, until a passenger got out and headed at a run, straight at me. I turned to flee but someone grabbed my arm, I couldn’t scream cause a hand was covering my mouth. I was dragged kicking and struggling back to the car. ‘ Little witch wont stop struggling’ I head a voice say

‘ Get the restraints, I cant…I’m driving and all that.’ Another answered.

I was pressed against the window , I felt the cold touch of metal against my wrists and heard the click of handcuffs. The hand on my mouth was removed, but replaced with thick tape, my feet were also bound harshly and I was thrown to the car  floor. I continued to struggle until I fell asleep from shear exhaustion. When I woke up, I was laying on a soft bed. I saw a lady standing there out of the corner of my eye. ‘ Sit up’ She commanded. I slid myself off to the brink of the bed in order to sit up. I realized that my feet were no longer tied. The woman un-cuffed my hands and instructed me to change into a set outfit. Before I could run she had a firm grip on me and

was steering me towards a bathroom. ‘Your clothes are in there’ she stated. ‘ Chang into them immediately or I will get Boring to do it for you, do you understand?” I nodded meekly, my mouth still being gagged. “ Oh, and one more thing. If you remove that tape before I say so, there will be trouble, you might not know the rules yet but I wont go easy on you!’ I stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. On the counter was a pair of high shorts, a plain tee shirt and no shoes. An impatient rap came from the door and I hastened to change. I opened the door wearily and found myself being pulled out roughly. ‘You have a master now’ the lady spoke in a brisk voice, ‘ you are to obey any of the family at all times, understand?” I nodded. “ Put your hands behind your back’ she instructed. She was the kind of person whom you just have to listen to, so I did as I was told. I felt the handcuffs click on my wrists for the seconded time. ‘ Follow me’ she was holding my arm firmly. We walked down the vast halls, I couldn’t get out of her grip.

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