The Runaway and the Wolves

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Rose

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013




Chapter 2: Rose


 More long cold months pasted. It was hard. Summer felt constantly cold. She ran out of things to eat. Spring was around the corner she knew, but that didn’t help.  At one point it got so bad she had to go into town for shelter and food.

 She stayed in a small orphanage using a fake name. She fabricated a classic car crash story that tugged on everyone’s heart strings. She was good at stuff like that kind of thing. Deceiving people came naturally to her. She wasn’t a huge fan of lying but it came in handy.

She would look out of her window every night, think about her new home. She wished she could go there but knew she couldn’t. It would be night time the next day before she got there.  Summer liked the people at the orphanage. They were nice but she kept her distance. She didn't want them getting to suspicions. The situation was already questionable enough with the fact that she had no record of her parents’ death.  

 Summer stayed so far away in her thoughts that the towns people started to become suspect. She was worried about most everything. She couldn’t stand it. Most nights she would lie awake for hours waiting for the sweet howls to put her to sleep. She felt like she was being imprisoned between the four walls. She felt like everyone was watching her. It drove her crazy. She left in March. It was still cold out but it was manageable enough. She felt much calmer now. Like this was really home again.

She saw the wolves more and more often. Summer became bolder. She started approaching them. They shied away a little but as time went on, they began to let her nearer to them. She found them fascinating. The way they seemed to love each other, the way they kept the peace without compromising the pack, she found beautiful.  They made her feel strong, like she didn’t need to be afraid anymore. She saw the balance they kept. They never killed too many deer and there was never too many deer to eat the grass.  It made her feel better about hunting for her survival.

Once, while she was walking through the forest, she heard noises. There were always noises in the forest, so she disregarded it.  She walked into the meadow and sat down enjoying the warm afternoon sun on face. She leaned back loving heat. When she opened her eyes, she saw the creator of the noise. A pure white wolf, the one she dubbed Rose looked her dead in the eye. Rose was the alpha female of her pack and also heavily pregnant. Most of the wolves had since had their pups born. She was very late. Summer gazed in amazement not even the least afraid. Rose whimpered softly and lay down on her belly. 

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