The Fallen Angels

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8 Angels are on a mission to help 8 young kids. The angels are and the verge of finishing the mission when a disaster strikes and causes 3 angels to get lost. While 5 angels are back at heaven, 3 angels and 3 kids are facing a life or death decision. Stay, or go?

The Characters

[IMG][/IMG] Riell/ A Fallen Angel

[IMG][/IMG] Thorai/ An Angel's Pride

[IMG][/IMG] Silana/ Star Wish

[IMG][/IMG] Whikaro/ Wish

[IMG][/IMG] Barotte/ The Best Friend

[IMG][/IMG] Xerosus/ Xena

[IMG][/IMG] Hupalo/ Hope


[IMG][/IMG] Mother Nature

More Characters will be added.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fallen Angels

Submitted: March 16, 2008

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Submitted: March 16, 2008



"And from the moment forth, I bestow upon you the option of eternity. Not all Angels have this choice, so please chose carefully and wisely. Stay, or Go. Now, that is your choice. Please choose the right decision."

Mother Nature's voice Echoed around the clearing.The 7 little angels sat and thought. Stay, or go? Quietly one angel got up. Riell was her name, and she was known for her courage and bravery. Behind her followed Thorai. He probably got up just because she did, as he had a crush on her.

"Mother, I ask of you to let me fall. I have courage that I think I can help. I know I can, all I have to do is put my mind to it."

"Riell, are you sure? If your postitive, then please go pack up and say good-bye to your friends."

"Mother, I will go too!" Thorai's small voice peirced the warm air.

"Hmmmph. Fine, but be carefull..." Mother was clearly upset. she didn't think Thorai was ready, but God had told her that he was...but oh well...

"Silana! Whikaro! Xerosus! Hupalo! Barotte! I'll wait for you at the Azuyan Temple! Well, that's if your brave enough to come down!" She opened her eyes wide at the thought of meating the Great Goddes, LSPP.


Welcome to the land of Iyua(I-you-ah). It is a small country in the sky, where the Fallen Angels are trained. Fallen Angels are a group of angels who are trained from the moment of birth. And yes, you are re-birthed once you die. You no longer are who you were before. These angels fall to Earth to help the humans. Each is assigned to a special person, and each time they help a new person, they earn a Token. Tokens are like badges in a War. Later in after-life they help you.

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